Screenshots and several details of the mysterious South of Midnight

Despite the fact that the first presentation trailer does not clarify the situation, being, in fact, interludia, South of Midnight is an adventure action from a third person, characterized by a special setting that resembles the south of the United States, with reference to the folk traditions of some areas.

The game takes place in an alternative version of the modern world, but the scenarios are mainly rural, located quite far from large urban areas, where a sense of magic and danger can still lurk among almost untouched nature and mysterious places.

The plot and situation draw inspiration in magical realism and South Gothic as literary genres, explain in Compulsion, from the works of William Folkner to the historical events of the Civil War, the Great Depression and more modern oddities.

The main character of the story is Hazel, a young woman with a mission who leaves her (fictional) hometown of Prospero to take part in a large adventure. She is a complex character suffering from problem relations with her mother and other important figures, but retaining sarcasm and humorous approach to things.

Heisel is able to use magic with weaving – a spell that can be seen at the end of the presentation trailer: this is a kind of standard interaction for the main character, acting both in battle and in scenarios. This is an innate ability to change "The fabric of reality", What makes it possible to fence not only to fight monsters with the help of this magic, but also to eliminate damage and problems that occur in the world.

All creatures and monsters faced by the main character in South of Midnight are inspired by the mythology of the South of the United States, with an admixture of European and Caribbean legends in the form of Creole mythology. The same "Shakin Bones", Which we see in a teaser trailer is an archon, a character who should have a certain meaning in the plot, inspired by the legend of Robert Johnson.

The creation of a world based on a special atmosphere also contributes to the choice of musical accompaniment, which has a lot in common with the territories under consideration, and, of course, a graphic style resembling the visual language of local traditions, also inspired by animation.

Fresh details of the role -playing game Avowed from an interview with developers

PC Gamer has interviewed AVOWED developers, thanks to which we learn more details about the role -playing game, the events of which are taking place in the world of Pillars of Eternity.

At the beginning of the game, your character arrives in the remote corner of the Eora world called the living lands as the messenger of the AeriR Empire, where you were sent to investigate mysterious plague. "Not all in living lands are delighted with the presence of the Imperials in this distant land", – Says director Carrie Patel. "So the adventures continue".

The General Director of Fergus Urkhart said that in its scale AVOWED is more reminiscent of the Obsidian Role -playing games, such as The Outer Worlds, and not a large -scale open world in the spirit of Skyrim, although this was the original idea of ​​Obsidian. When the developers sat down at the table and focused on the fact that Obsidian did best – stories and companions, in particular, a more compact scale turned out to be by itself.

"As a person who has gone through the development path as a narrative designer, the companions are a huge part of the experience and attract me as a player and as a developer", – Says Carrie Patel. "In Avowed, we wanted to do one thing – to make sure that the companions are indeed an integral part of the story. In some games, they can be recruited at will, but in Avowed they are deeply attached to the plot, tied to your party. We really wanted to create the feeling that you are on a large wild border, you are going to this adventure-opening, and a small but united team with you. The feeling that you are traveling together in wild places, sharing discoveries and dangers. These people are the same part of your story as the big events in the center of which you find yourself".

The way you interact with other characters in Avowed will be like The Outer Worlds, where your dialogue versions reflect the tone that you want to use.

We try to find that point of the support when writing dialogue options, when we invest enough individuality so that these options are funny and interesting, but at the same time we leave enough space around them so that the player can invest in this option everything that he came up with for his character.

Patel did not talk in detail about the plot of AVOWED, but gave some basic information about what form of role -playing game can be expected from avowed:

  • You have an established role of the imperial messenger, but your "Personality, appearance and philosophy that you bring to this role depend on you as a player".
  • You can play for a person or elf, but not for other races.
  • This is an exceptionally single game – without a cooperative.
  • The world is slightly systemic: think about the interaction of water and lightning, but not about the old trick with a bucket on the head.
  • At the same time, there will be two companions, with your military specialties and, of course, characters.
  • There are several trees of abilities in the game, and you will not be attached to a certain class or style of game.
  • You will increase the level, but the main attention is paid to the discovery of abilities, and not a set of glasses for the growth of characteristics.

In the early stages of development, when Obsidian decided to give preference to the plot, "more oriented to depth than latitude", The first -person battle was also won. Patel said that this is an example of how part of Avowed was surprisingly fascinating on the first vertical cut, when the team has to decide what to allocate more resources and what to reduce. The battle has become a key accent, which should become music for the ears of each player Elder Scrolls, who always considered a sword to be waving a little weak. "Our battle turned out very, very good, and the bones were there from the very beginning", – She says.

Patel noted that a lot of time was spent on setting up sensations from waves with a sword, a mace and an ax to make the battle correct, but the options available to the players seem to be a more important element in the game. You can use double weapons, at the same time own the magic and weapons of near -combat, and, as in Pillars of Eternity, there is a good old weapon here. In the game, KTSTATI, there will be no annoying loot with inconspicuous differences in stats.

We tried to approach this issue towards a smaller amount, but significant improvements. If you improve your weapon from one level to another, you must feel the difference. If this is a slight change in the number next to the name of the subject, it will not be as significant as if you go through the modernization process, try the weapon again and understand that it applies much more damage. Less, but more significant levels of improvement.

Judging by today’s trailer, the magic looks like it can become the part of the game Avowed, which will really give it its own fantasy flavor. There is an excellent animation of the hands when the hero draws runes in the air to conjure a ball of a ball, and later raises a pulsating void into the sky, sending a bunch of guards to a weightless orbit around it. Therefore, it’s nice to know that you can mix magic with a near battle without being tied to any class.

When Patel was asked what she was not able to do in the isometric role -playing games Pillars, and what she will be happy to do in Avowed, she, without hesitation, returned the question to the interlocutors.

In most of our games, the companions were optional, which, in my opinion, gives the players a great opportunity to choose, but this means that there is a restriction on how deep you can connect them with the main story. In Avowed, we decided that the companions would be the main. They will be part of the experience. This means that we can invest in them much more and connect them much more closely and personally with the events and parts of the world that the player faces.

To the question, "Can they die"? A pause followed. "You will have to see", – Said Patel.

Persona 3 remake will receive an official translation into Russian

This will be the first game of the series that will receive an official translation into English, though only textual.

Information about this appeared on the official website of the Sega Asia where the list of upcoming projects of the company was presented, as well as the localizations that will be present in them.

Persona 3 Reload will be released at the beginning of 2024 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC via Steam. If you want to see more, you can enjoy the first trailer.

In addition, Atelus also works on a completely new fantasy game called MetaPhor Refantazio, which will also be released in 2024 and was announced only for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC, except for the inevitable leaks that persistently hint at the version for PS5 and PS4.

There is even Turkish. Not like an indie studio that makes Starfield

But this is really unexpected and pleasant, it will be the first person with an official translation, even at a time when other translation is cut out.

Suddenly and pleasant.
There is an amateur translation of p5 piano is just around the corner.
It will be possible to smell the persons of the most not pamper, especially since I have not played any person yet, I would like to check out for which everything praised it so much.

I started and continue in the fifth, and from all my great experience, it is certainly unique in many aspects, it is able to touch, but, of course, the beauty in the eyes of the watching. And I also found it to see there), there is a certain attractiveness, I experienced the same in Catherine, there are very touching moments for me who fall into the very soul, generally look for your own) (and this is said by the one who is not interested in at all in "graphic aspect", but he believes that the main thing is that it is well handed enough, fit and t.D.)

In the fifth now, in fact, you can play with a English translation (the other day from the Mogeters a new version came out). There only "Royal" content is not translated. You can put some online translator from the type of type "Christmas trees" and receive a industrial translation from English in real time right on the screen by pressing a button, well, this is in case of a collision with non -transmitted content.

The fifth part also has as many as two continuations of the main plot. Separate games. One slasher has already come out for a long time, and the other step -by -step tactics is released in 2024. Person 5 A huge game consisting of several separate games in fact.

It seems to me that such games as a character is a great way to make the anime of those people who never loved the anime and made strange grimas from the mention of the word "anime". Character ingenious series of games.

I went through Yakuza Zero. And what is a Christmas tree?

Screen translator. You highlight the text zone, he translates it without turning the game

Evona how. And I downloaded online translator on the phone. You bring a vest on the screen and he translates subtitles online. Just not convenient. I have to watch through the phone camera.

very strange. what is it with now? in Yakudze Issin, the fifth person was not a translation. From the company of heroes 3, too, which is generally strange. And now in the New Yakudze and in the person there will already be.

The crisis is deepening, there is less money, they are looking for any opportunity to get income. This T -shirts can still afford to get out. Smallest company – no longer. Hence the shaft of new translations from those who had not previously bothering at all – birdhouses, Ninka, Sega.

Before going out, they will cut it out

If only you

This turn.

Well Sega, unlike Microsoft, a very rich campaign, are those forms of those who are not able to translation for all countries.

Alilaya! Really survived, the official translation of the game of the Persona series in English.

I hope that this approach will become the standard for other games and series that have not yet had English -speaking versions.

Will. Eat to everyone hunting.

Eye toy. This is the custom. Respect!

Really nifigovable fit

Excellent, Japanese game developers began to translate. Let it be more, and the West would be faster to go.

I don’t know, Western/European games come in the atmosphere for me. Everything is somehow more serious there. Asian also there are norms, the same Final Fantasy (namely the last parts with remakes), but these are such "Cartoon" like persona – they don’t reach me at all. To each his own, my opinion, do not be

They make the same games, no seriousness, and Twitter presses them, so you don’t have to wait for good material.

This is really good news.

Well, yes, well, yes, in Starfield it was also written about localization, they cut it out in fact)

It would be better if they made a port for a switch, otherwise there are two previous ones, but the third is not planned, as I look. Although, given that it will be made on the wretched Angrial Ezhin, it becomes clear why there will be no port.

LLC is cool. And someone is rushing the fourth?

So the release of UK for this year is aimed

Norm. I wish the remake was the first to be translated.

This is good news)

I do not believe. this is a dream? This is a parallel universe?

But there will be no half of the content))

Halfs are how much, selected ****** th The Answer? Plus, the developers have already stated that some content from the FES version will be in a remake. The only big loss is a female protagonist, it is really a shame

In a month, they will correct this egregious fact

It feels like a jack of developments is thrown a coin, they say an eagle – translate, tail – no, otherwise I xs how to explain such a scatter of localization, even within the same series (the same Yakuza or the final line)

Thanks of course, but I have a tradition to pass the peson in English.

Well, congratulations! Maybe.

What is your uncertainty?

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Star Wars Outlaws uses technologies that convey the atmosphere of the original Star Wars trilogy

Star Wars Outlaws action takes place between films "The empire makes a response blow" And "The return of the Jedi". It is because of this time period of time that Massive Entertainment is trying to convey the atmosphere of those films in his coming game with the open world.

Creative Director Julian Gerighty spoke about this magazine Edge Magazine. According to him, "The action of the game unfolds between the empire and the Jedi, so the [studio] wanted to recreate this feeling". This meant that Massive was supposed to create a technology that could convey the features of the shooting of the 1970s. Because of this, the image of Outlaws received "vignetting, film granularity, effect "Breath" lens, curvature of the lens, [and] light glare", which creates the effect of the camera lens of that time.

According to herait, all these features are barely perceptible, but " Together give the players a more cinematic effect". According to him, in the process of developing the game, each element passes "The process of reduction", which allows him to bring it to "basic indicators", Thus doing "star Wars" as they are. This also applies to the technologies that the main character Kay Wessa uses: they should look as if they were created on the set of almost half a century ago, but at the same time not to focus on any one era.

I can even complain about such trifles as the design of binoculars Kay. In it you can see the elements inspired by the 70s or 80s, but at the same time practically not losing their relevance.

At the same time, Herait emphasized that such attention to details is a difficult task, since there are other aspects that determine the specifics of such a long -term and significant license.

It is impossible to understand those restrictions, that philosophy of design and those principles that underlie the creation of a new gadget, pistol or creature. We had to learn.

The release of Star Wars Outlaws is still scheduled for 2024, so the Massive should still tell a lot about the game and how it is connected with the film franchise, part of which is.

Mortal Kombat fans are divided by an opinion about which characters they do not want to see in MK1

In anticipation of Mortal Kombat 1, fans of the series express their opinion about the characters that they would like to see in the upcoming game, but at the same time in social networks there is a conversation about which characters they would prefer not to see. The growing theme on Reddit caused a lively discussion among fans who expressed their fears and offered their options for a character roster.

In the list of unwanted characters, the name Mokap, a less famous character, debuted in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Mokap, who, in fact, is an artist of capture of movement that turned into a fighter, did not find a response from fans and is often considered as one of the most forgotten additions to the series.

Another frequently mentioned character is Hsu Hao, a member of the Red Dragon clan. Like Mokap, Khsu Hao first appeared in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and was ambiguous. Many fans referred to its controversial design and gameplay mechanics as the reason for their disapproval. Among other names that often surfaced, there were characters such as Dramin and Bo’rai Cho, presented in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. They are often considered less significant for the history of Mortal Kombat and, accordingly, less popular compared to other fighters. Di’vora and Cano were also repeatedly mentioned as unwanted characters. As one user writes about Kano: "I am tired of people who pretend that it is very important, while he is constantly the least chosen character in most games in which he appeared".

Although the discussion on Reddit reflects the desires and fears of passionate fans, it remains to find out how Netherrealm Studios will take into account these wishes in the final grower of Mortal Kombat 1. The developer has an experience of carefully studying the reviews of fans, which often take into account common wishes. As for the already confirmed characters in MK1, this is: Li Kan, Scorpio, Sab-Ziro, Raiden, Kun Lao, Kitan, Milena, Shang Zun and Johnny Cage.

A, t.e. the presence of guest characters who have not fallen to anyone, does not bother anyone? And, like, there would be no include characters from MK who are rarely found or at all forgotten, instead we add a stranger, predator, leather egg, Jason, Freddie, Kratos, Rambo, Terminator, Robocop, and now the Homelander, Omnimen, Omnimen, Omnimen. Peacemaker – well, who needs them? There would be no raiko, shinok, again the same Sairaks, sector, Smowk (both cyber and not cyber), but in principle to list and list it, but no, let’s run up the whole thing and, most importantly, with such necessary characters

And I liked the characters from MK X))

Guest do not participate in the plot. Yes, it is a pity that developers spend strength on some (but it pays off, you need to understand).
But it is the main Roster that is important, since history revolves around these heroes.

Therefore, the question is fundamental.

Guest characters will be as Netherrealm gets from this money they paid them they added one or another character in order to raise the popularity of the character

vice versa. Netsers pay for the character, and additional players buy MK to play for spaunas or predator.

That is, you get on the fact that there are such guest characters as:-"Alien, predator, leather face, Kratos, Freddy and Jason, and at the same time you forget that the Smoke, the sector and Sairax were in the same two parts in a row? Moreover, at least they were not at 11, but at 11 there was also no: -chuguyu, predator, leather face, Kratos, Freddy and Jason. Even as a hypocrisy smells not?

Reiko did not at all go up (at least to me personally). But the puppy is somehow not digesting. He was like a boss in 4 garbage, and in X, although he was playable, but in general I did not like. And the Dark Puppy (a piercing carrier with a brutal dark Shao Cano Cana from MK VS DC) is generally a piece of lousy shit, which is melting like a noob, but having a buff for damage and a dauher of the hitpoons.

Oh oh oh. Again, someone discussed something somewhere.

For all the time of such articles for the first time I hear that someone is dissatisfied with the cano lol. In the MK community, everything is simple. There are characters MK3 Triloji and they are inviolable. There is a post classic and the beginning of the 3rd era. There are already a little shared opinions, whether it is conditionally needed by some kind of Shinnok or Reiko. And there are characters from the new trilogy of which are in most of the heites, someone less than someone more.

Yeah. Keno, maybe not the most popular, but I think. His place in Laura is very important. Both plot and just by the type of character.
In any case, you will have to come up with some "Bad". But I can’t call someone from MK in the same niche at all from memory that Kano always occupied. He is clearly the most successful of all possible frostbitten "Bandosov"-traitors.

There was one of the most despicable character of the series. Hsus Hao. Bdsm misunderstanding that replaced the cano. Well, the dislike of him in the community is so great that it follows through the monitor. What again says in favor of Cano.

A small correction: Khsu Hao never replaced the cano, he appeared in the deadly alliance, where Cano was also a playable fighter. But who really replaced him, like Sonya, is Kira already in the next part, the desepshn that possessed the abilities of two heroes

Oh dii I crossed one with the other. But in turn, I will also make a straightforward line and explain this time correctly who I meant. Replacement of Cano was a character named Jrek who appeared in MK4 and had a set of techniques and veil veils. By the ENT, as his student and I will say that the character is just unlike Kano Nafig. Then he received his unique techniques in Armageddon like, but it was in MK4 that he was a complete replacement of the cano. And even having become an independent character, nobody had nominated in memory, except those who memorized and read ENT MK)

How can you not love the cano? Without it, MK is not MK at all. His personality, charisma, dirty jokes add colorfulness to the plot. And where without his eternal confrontation with Sonya? Sonya, Cano, Jax, Kabal – not a word about these guys, as I understand it. But if they are not, then I’m not very interested in buying a game, to be honest.

Well, there are just such people (Like me) who accept the characters quite personally. That is, if I myself were next to such a man as a cano, I would specifically hate him. Because I do not want to have with such a person who carries a mile away, nothing in common. Maybe from the outside, indifferent faces, he may seem funny, but I have a special attitude to the games and I try to perceive plot things a little differently than most players, which contributes to immersion in the plot, history and ENT of the world as a whole. So I hate him with all my heart. I don’t like his design, I don’t like his character, I don’t like how defiantly he behaves, I don’t like his movements and gameplay in general. His techniques and fatals are also too far out. Although pro I didn’t really see the players on it (because you can’t really make it really in his Muv List of Long Combo), I’m sure that there are people practicing the cano and I’m almost sure that in life, such people are not very good in nature and with such people I definitely will never develop friendly relations. Not that someone wanted to be friends with me on the basis of my tastes regarding video games. Sad Face.

Well, wait, Shan Tsung is also not sugar, not a gift. Cano is a clear negative character, a member of MK films, a sort of evil representative of the underground gangs of earthlings, I also do not like him, but in the game I think it should be, well, such an unemiled part of the game, the MK universe, you can not play against them, you can play against it him and rejoice in victories)))

If it is blessed, already to the vigor of this runaway Sonya, Jax for the Cano, where they still appeared in the form of Kessi and Jackie

Shang Tsung at least has ambitions, charm and charisma (and I am almost sure that it would not have prevented his plans and it would be quite interesting for me to observe him from the outside, and I would also be in a very large anticipation of What universe he could create in the place of Li Kanga in the plot of 11 part in DLC consequences), and in the plot of the first parts he has one of the main roles! No need to compare it with the cano.

For me, Shang Tsung from MK like Loki in the cinematic marvel. And the cano from MK, like Crossbones from Cinnotted Marvel. I’m sorry, what? You ask who Crossbones is? So for me the same question arose, only to the cano from MK.

Yeah. True, it is strange that in Ixa Kano himself did not catch his spinogryz so that Kessi and Jackie were chasing him/her. Although no, not strange. Just a cano is so much a piece of shit that more than one girl is in their right mind, he will not give him. Unless some kind of Kira’s noun from his own group would give any. Yes, and then for the grandmas. And in general, I am almost sure that even his offspring would have gone (a) in some special detachment and caught his own dad.

Although the discussion on Reddit reflects the desires and fears of passionate fans, it remains to find out how Netherrealm Studios will take into account these preferences. The developer has experience careful study of fans reviews.

Walked 2023, Bun never mastered the playable four-haired Motaro in 3D universe.

Let it make a spin of off about Motaro) where he goes from turning into a minotaur to the return of a pair of legs)

Some kind of game. I do not want to see ugly women in this part, but the rest of the good.

But how without Shiva then

They have already decided everything in any way

In MK 9 there was nothing about Freddie Krueger.

And in 1 everything is normal as for me.

Whatever I want to see the characters in MK 1? Easily ! Kai and Jrekrek for example. The most secondary characters who were quickly leaked after the four. Tanya is also not needed in principle, just another woman in a multi -colored costume for a variety. Ferra and Torr – but judging by the insider, Ferra will be in the DLC, which is sad, because these are the most annoying characters that I saw. Well, almost all the new characters came out from Deadly Alliance according to Armageddon (except Kensha). The most secondary and most not interesting characters.

I have my own list of characters that I do not want to see in MK 1 (2023):

Well, I can still understand Nitaru because she was only in the post of classics and lit up, but what did the old man Bo Ray Ray what the old man did not please you? He’s funny and cringja. He is like Michelangelo in ninja turtles. He is needed! Even if you throw it out of the roster of playable characters, then let the Assistants at least in the plot videos with cameo! Please! Do not be so strict to him! Although you put it in seventh place, and the seed is a happy number. hmm.

Okay, I have already removed Bo Ray and replaced with Scarlet. Bo Rayk Cho, he is a teacher Liu Kan. Bo Ray what is an unusual person, unlike Liu Kan, he is an external world.

Glad you understand.

And he also has a cool gameplay in mkh

I would not like to see the whole non -canon. Already darmed to do crossovers. It remains of Vinx’s fireplace to add to MK for complete minced meat, as well as heroes and Saint Row 3-5, fits in delirium.

And Barbie, especially their black versions)

No, Winx will not add, costumes are too frank

Dimerion and cetrion in the trash

Persians who are expected in Roster – Johnny Cage, Sonya, Dzhaks, Cano, Cyborgs, Straike, Kabal and Kenshi – will be in a non -granary growth "Camo". And the central combat system seems to be a tag-bo.

I applaise standing. ) Нах не нужен ростер из левых бойцов, верните классических народу, неужели Бун этого не понимает? (Feispalm)

Johnny Cage – Yes! Very important, very much is needed both by the plot and gameplay.

Sonya Blade, Jacks Briggs and Cano – (at least for me) is not particularly needed (because tear them out of the plot and globally the world of people will not particularly lose it, because in general they did not make a contribution to the victory of the earthly kingdom, but simply lurking where then in the back of the main plot with its third -party story. Sonya was even "Girl in trouble", which you need to run away and save on the same time with the Chinese, while Dzhaks became disabled, and Kano stupidly supplied the guns of invaders. As fighters in general, Sonya and Jax are good, but not too popular. Jacks except. For Sonya, in general, few people play.

Striker – generally was superfluous everywhere. What is in the third ultimatum, what is in MK 2011. I’ll keep silent about the post of classics, because there are more than half of the Roster, were continuous garbage and a copy -fist that did not work from the word at all.

Here further I completely agree.

Cyborgs were always steep. Boys love robots. Robots in our blood. Like girls dolls. This is genetic. And the ninja robots are a double cool.

Kabal and Kenshi are not the characters that and that. It seems to be needed, but it seems that you can do without them. But since there is, then let them be. If not, then without them we will not disappear.

Then they forgot the most important! NINJA! Without Scorpio and Sab Zero Mk, not mk at all. Scorpio Favorite character of Ed Bun, so almost not one part of MK did not do without him. And the rest of the colorful ninja. For me, they were in childhood variations of Scorpio and Sab Zero with other tricks. This was later prescribed for them and made their plot arches.

Well, bosses are granted. Any mutants who are not a pity to dissect, because they only resemble people, but since not people can do everything that you can do with them (at least according to different religions and the ESRB rating commission that allows you to do everything you like with invented creatures). Conduct any genetic experiments, dissect and torture without trial and investigation, and so on. People are hypocritical. Only human life is priceless, and any other means nothing at all. After all, the law of the jungle works for the rest. Kill or die. Something brought me to the wrong steppe.

And we must not forget any inflated rocks straight from Gachimuchi (even before she became mainstream) such as Shao Cana and some she and/or black. Here is the main quintessence of the MK Games series. And from time to time, people eat the same carbon copy from part to part (just like remasters and remakes (I do not think the resident evil because their remakes are too different from the originals so as not to consider them completely different games)), you only have to change a couple of things ( Well, there, for example, to renew the appearance and the Incut of techniques in the characters so that the nerds of previous parts in the new do not feel too confident in the first pairs) and fans will eat the same time from time to time. There is nothing to do here. They don’t do the other. But change what works. washed the special one is not visible.

In fact, in a dispute of meaning I do not see the main game, (standard fighters), guests need or additional skins can be released in additions along with a side (parallel history)

They are weak to come up with new ones?

It is easier to say who I do not want to see in a MK series in principle: all guest characters from other universes.
I consider this method of attracting new players by adding acquaintances and cult muzzles the most simple and primitive.

Hmm, and write books, with links to such games. You won’t have time to look back, and there is already vinaigrette. But in general, if each Persian gets a beautiful story compatible with the main plot, then let them live. There are a lot of worlds, somehow they will be placed.

AND? I can’t play for those characters that I like only because the Reddite phaggotes do not want them in the game? And it’s not easier not to choose those who you personally do not like it and not to whine, that in the grower of the game there are those who did not please you, although the best for the majority of the best

Let the mountain return and get rid of them..

Definitely this generation of characters that flashes often, but which are not the characters mentioned old, but in the last chronology starting with MK 10-11 are loomed often.
They outlived themselves, the maximum squeezed the plot out of them,
Kessi and Jackie – it already makes no sense in their appearance and there are times there, I do not think that they were born.
Kung Gene and Takoded Takahashi – characters from the garbage dump, to close holes in MK 10, before the characters were invented more interesting.
Cetrion and Geras – nafig them, Kronika died, they are not needed for nafig.
Frost is also not needed, she could do what, we have enough sub-ziro one.
Jacks and Straiker – if only in the role of Camoo, one in essence as a piece of brown heeja and the second as a white heeal game is located, they are not needed in new games of the series, if only as a cameo no more.
Ferra and Torr are just two degenerates, introduced to fly the holes of the new preferences of the outside world, just trash.
Kotet Kang and Dee the Thief – they got out of themselves, just two pieces of Eerma, Kotete is so a nasty character by nature, supposedly all such a person of honor, but in fact there is nothing better than Shao Can.
Collector and Erron Black – one new, second almost new Persian, both Eermo, did not affect the plot of the game, stupidly just for flying holes, also not needed.
As well as the characters of the old era, all garbage like ashra, Bo’rai Cho, Dyra, Darrius, Jrarek, Dramin, Daygon, Kai, Kenshi, Kira, Cobra, Lee May, Mokap, Moloch, Meat, Sarin, Shudzhinko, Taineen , Khotaru, Khsu Hao and other Hero characters, they are stupidly just to supplement the general atmosphere and that there are supposedly still characters, representatives of other worlds and so on, they are like trash characters.

I would like to see a new story, to see in Roster representatives of centaurs as Motaro and Shokanov, not Shiva, but Gorod or Kintaro, villains like a sham-poon, Shao Kan or Shinnok are already tired, or to come up with a new one, or to revive the old villain of the villain. How did you, returning to the game, respectively, the reptile, Nitaru, who are connected with it plot, and the role of sucker Shujinko, who is connected with Onaga in the plot, put a more normal character like Liu-Kang or Raiden, that is, such a character who could resist such powerful power, given that even Shao Kang could not kill Onaga alone, and in terms of the level of onaga power is more powerful than any fighter from the entire fowl navigator, he is immortal, physical, and will be bent, given that in the last chronology they forgot about the Onge, and the design of Shao Kan in MK 11 gave the reason at that time fans of the theory that in that universe Shao Kan absorbed the essence of Onagi,Therefore, his skin was half-gap, it would be possible to make rumors a rethinking of the event of 5-7 parts of Mortal Combat, since about Blaise, Onagu, deadly alliance, everyone forgot, or to put more formidable power in the confrontation, but who? The mega goddess of all gods Titanid Kronik was bent twice, only the forgotten emperor of the external world, the most cruel, merciless and dangerous kang for all his generations, is the kanaga kang Kanaga can compare.

I don’t want many different Persians. At least, I despise Deehor. To give such a character to kill Scorpio and Milin is a shame, sincerely waited for her in the plot of 11 parts to kill the fuck. But I’m waiting for Sairax, sector and Smoke.

Raiden had already lifted it everywhere already.

Reiden will not be removed since he is already part of the new plot and he can be a new protagonist

Quest designer CD Projekt spoke about the “difficulties” development of Cyberpunk 2 on Unreal Engine

The leading quest designer Cyberpunk 2077 Pavel Sasco shared some details about the next part of Cyberpunk – the mysterious project of Orion. It is located at a very early stage, and its main composition includes the director of the game Cyberpunk 2077 Gabriel Amatanjelo, the narrative director Igor Sarinski and Sarah Grammer, an expert designer of quests, who worked on the plot for Judy Alvarez in the previous game in the previous game.

All of them moved or are in the process of moving from Poland to Boston (USA), where CD Projekt opened a new office. One of the main tasks at the moment is the development of the EPIC Unreal Engine engine. According to SASCO, at this stage too large a team of developers only complicates the work, and it is better if this initial "iteration" will be engaged "Several interested parties", which can maintain a holistic vision corresponding to the character of the brand.

Do not forget that with the release of the extension of Phantom Liberty to the Cyberpunk 2077 in the CD Projekt, they refuse the Redengine proprietary engine in favor of the new technology: Unreal Engine 5. This is already a challenge in itself – and "opportunity", According to Sasco. Working with the engine developer, Epic Games, is also an honor for him. Among the employees of a huge developer from the EU there is no shortage of experienced engineers who have something to learn to learn:

Working with Epic Games is something completely new for us: on the one hand, this is a challenge, and on the other, a great honor. This is a huge studio – they have an incredible number of engineers, very experienced engineers. This is a lesson for us.

I do not consider this task as an obstacle, but rather as an opportunity – I see so many opportunities to do something amazing, so I look forward to this, but there is still so much to do in this direction.

Naturally, the results of such work will not be noticeable immediately. The company is still looking for specialists in leading positions, mastering and preparing the EU5 tools for Project Orion and other games.

This also applies to the fourth "Witcher", The development of which will also be conducted on the latest generation Epic Games technologies. However, this project will not reach the players soon – the earliest in 2025, according to the latest information. In any case, wait for the fourth "Witcher" will not have as long as the remake of the first episode of the saga "Witcher" called Project Orion and CD Projekt Red.

This also applies to the fourth "Witcher", which is also developed using the latest generation Epic Games technologies. However, this project will not get to the players soon – the earliest in 2025, according to the latest information. At least, "4" We will have to wait less than the Project Orion and the first remake "Witcher" by CD Projekt Red.

After a patch 2.0, according to gamers, fights with cops in Cyberpunk 2077 have become many times more interesting than before

Recall that on September 21, CD Projekt Red released the long -awaited update 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077, which has made a huge number of changes compared to the basic version of the game, including an updated system of interactions with the Night City Police. According to the comments of gamers, the new police system received significant improvements and became " A hundred times more exciting than before".

According to players, within the framework of the new system "stars" The search does not grow very quickly, and as the level rises, the player can hear the message from the police dispatcher, which gives the game an additional sensation of immersion in the atmosphere. The method of pursuit of the police – "The car is behind the machine". At the same time, in car battles it is not necessary to aim yourself, you can turn on an auxiliary aim. The players will pursue both ordinary cops and special mobile police detachments, while each of them has its own commander. And the possibilities of such a commander significantly exceed the potential of ordinary cyberpschosis.

At the same time in the unit "Max-Tak" There is a clear distribution of tasks. There are fighters for vision of near or distant battle. If you stop, then from a blow to the face with a knife of a praying person, vi can fall in a matter of seconds. Players who want to try it out are recommended to prepare for an increase in the level when joining the fight. Now even ordinary police, among other things, have hackers and armored vehicles.

On Reddit, some players shared a demonstration of the new police system, demonstrating the combat power of the Max-Tak mobile group. Most of the participants noted that "New police" really complex and capable of keeping people in suspense.

These changes have already been added to the basic version of the game and are available for free for everyone who plays on PC and current generation consoles. Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Freedom September 26 will receive even more opportunities!

Battlefield Mobile was canceled due to the failure of Battlefield 2042

The co -founder of Industrial Toys, a developer who previously worked on Battlefield Mobile, says that the failure of Battlefield 2042 played a role in the abolition of the game and closing his studio.

Alex Seropian, co -founder of Bungie in 1991, and then the co -founder of Industrial Toys in 2012, said Mobilegamer.Biz, that the negative reaction to Battlefield 2042 made EA stop and rethink her further plans for the series.

Battlefield Mobile was supposed to exit at the end of 2022 or early 2023, and already in November 2022 in five countries of Southeast Asia, an open beta version of the game was launched. However, in January 2023, the game was canceled (along with Apex Legends Mobile), and its Industrial Toys studio, numbering 120 people, was also closed.

"At first, the whole wind in the universe was in the sails of SS Battlefield Mobile: the genre [shooter] is developing, this is an excellent IP, we have an excellent team – all this was very good", – He explained Seropian, and then stated that the Battlefield 2042 bad reception, when she left in October 2021, changed the situation.

Over the past year, several things have occurred. Battlefield 2042 came out, and the community reaction to 2042 was not very good. This was the impetus for introspection. Apple also changed the rules of IDFA, and the essence of this is that the purchase of users has become much more expensive. So organics came to naught with the release of 2042, and paid distribution became an order of magnitude more expensive due to IDFA rules. And then APEX came out, and I don’t know if EA spoke about why they canceled it, whether it was an economy or something else, but without my words you can fill in the gaps, I suppose.

Further, Seropian said that although the beta version of Battlefield Mobile, in his opinion, went well, EA did not want to allocate additional resources necessary to bring the game to global launch and further.

"We conducted a soft launch that went well, but now, to get to the finish line, we will need so much time and so much money to reach the global level", – he said.

I think that now there is a trend when large mobile games and large IP use a franchise approach – to consider mobile games as another platform for the franchise, there is one large release and all consistently on all these platforms. Our approach was the exact opposite – it was an individual experience for mobile devices, because people use these devices, play and everything else in different ways. So all these things are united, and I think that this is why you got such a result. Nobody wanted this, but, you know, the world is changing, and people react.

The Witcher 4 and Cyberpunk 2 are at different stages of development at CD Projekt Red

New interview published by Gamesindustry.Biz, reveals something about CD Projekt Red, in particular, about a new internal organization that performs various projects at the same time, including The Witcher 4, Cyberpunk 2 and other games at different development levels.

The idea expressed by the communications manager Mikhal Platov-Gilevsky is to try to distribute the work more organizedly and to avoid the penny as much as possible, allowing you to more effectively plan releases in the near future.

“All these projects are at different stages,” says Platkov-Gilevsky. “We are not trying to do everything together at the same time, because it will require much more work”.

The huge scale of the upcoming games of the CDPR-five games plus two spin-offs in other studios-would make work on a permanent basis even on a half of this list almost impossible, and gibberish scarves say that at present the main attention is paid to longer projects.

“We are thinking about strategy for years to come. We really care about our IP, we want to develop them, we want to create games based on them. But we also want to be sure that we are still concentrated. We have many discussions, for example, “which is most important now? Where do we want to move? What do we want to achieve?”

Gillevsky’s scarves also says that talking about the correct planning and prevention of overwork “Really useful“, Noting that, although CDPR would be easy to overdo it,”We constantly check and talk, and we think that we know what to do“.

The first in the list of the company is Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. The expansion is launched in September, and it seems that then the company will go to The Witcher 4. This game is not expected before 2025, but two continuations declared as part of the new trilogy should appear six years after launch. The continuation of Cyberpunk seems to be somewhere at this time, but CDPR says that by the end of this year, preparation for production is unlikely to begin. After that, the Project Hadar, original intellectual property, but the CDPR for the last time stated that it is on “the earliest stage»Ideas and that the actual development of the game has not yet begun.

AMD shared the system requirements for the Starfield PC for 4K and 1440p

AMD shared the system requirements for PC with a resolution of 4K and 1440p for the long -awaited new game Bethesda Starfield. These more detailed requirements for the PC will give you an idea of ​​the PC system that you will need to enjoy the game in resolution of 1440p or 4K.

AMD recommends using the AMD Ryzen 7 7700X processor with the AMD Radeon RX 6800 Series video card for resolution 1440p. According to the red team, this combination will be “ideal for hardcore 1440p or gamers with broad -screen monitors to provide maximum visual settings and high frame rate“.

To play 4K AMD offers to use AMD Ryzen 7 7800x3D with the AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT video card. AMD states that this computer system will provide “Absolutely the best experience Starfield in 4K“.

Since these requirements are part of the AMD advertising campaign, they do not include NVIDIA or Intel graphic processors. Thus, let’s hope that Bethesda will reveal more detailed characteristics of this game for PC before its release. After all, it will be interesting to compare NVIDIA and AMD 1440p and 4K requirements for Starfield.

Bethesda will release Starfield September 6. You can also find the minimum and recommended system requirements of the game for PC here.

Thanks to AMD, for us, gamers, this is a very representative, important and desired table (no), because the vast majority of gamers are sitting on assemblies from AMD CPU+AMD GPU (no).
Okay, partnership with red at the gazebo, Okay, this is in the order of things, but what kind of exclusivity in the banal publication of system requirements.

Do not forget that if it goes to the AMD, then it will definitely go to Intel Invidia without any problems, in general there are no rays in the game, because the game should go on all vidiakhs 30, 40 of the series is excellent in its category of permissions of course, well, the priests intelligence amidey because Everything there will be norms, if only the greens put on the game with its rays, then the game would lag on all pieces of iron except 4090, and even then only with the frames generation

By the way, the statistics of the Steam according to iron are not an indicator that these pieces of iron buy games, since if they do not have money for new iron, they obviously do not buy games, especially since many games are not going normally on their gland, this indicates that that all these weak Vidyakhs and Protzes simply use weak games in Steam and do not buy powerful games, but powerful games are what are time and buy these small percentages of users, they would make statistics better with what iron they buy good iron, it was more clear

This is all cool, cool and beautiful, but I’m talking about what I just see for the first time that SIS.The requirements were laid out separately, only because AMD in partnership with the gazebo.

These systems are not from developments, this is simply AMD on their website advertises pieces of iron for this game since they optimize and are partners, the systems of the systems will lay out the expanses themselves later, and these currents as advertising AMD on the AMD website, nothing more

Data on what is necessary for iron comes from the developers themselves and testers. And I really doubt that they already have data for AMD, but for Intel and Nvidia there is no. So, as I already said, there is just some strange exclusivity in the publication of SIS.requirements. And advertising is already in turn, this is clear.

Even here, they try to earn and fall new products on fools.

. Bad 1060 (3) even better

Thanks to AMD for showing the real face of a green camp, just like the Soniboi rushed today from buying Mikes

And what is the face of a green camp? Type – indignant from the products of the Reds due to its time, when without a dance with a tambourine, you will not achieve anything adequate from their iron of vaapchei (hello to you passes the AMD FX, which should be driven) until they released your Zen, which I now are now And I’m sitting.

Well, vidyuhi? There were enough brains to copy the schematic technology of blue stones, but with the vidyuhs – not? How much they beat with their vidyuhi and the situation is only worse and worse, and okay the price tag would be akin to the prices of prots in comparison with the intals, when Zen2 2700x cost 30k, while its analogue is from an intel – all 60k+ the difference is sensible?

Now the situation with the Vidyuhi from the AMD and is not close to the situation described by me above. Its top vidyuhi both were feces both in performance and circuitry with their cutting tires, fecal cooling and dead performance against the background of the Nvids, so the video market amide and remained fufle, but prices?
I watch at 3060 videos 10GB and tire 192 – 48k rubles.
and RX7600 with 8GB video and tire of 128 – 42k rubles.

Based on the characteristics and other ammeuenic problems, the card from AMD is required to be offered 30 maximum, and it costs 6k less outside.

So there is no need to stem here on the theme of the green camp, because the situation is not with fanaticism but 100 feces from the Reds. At one time, I began to get acquainted with the PC market just with AMD products and even then ATI, how many cards I did not have from ATI \ AMD – everyone was problematic and glow. Protches only with the release of Zen architecture became not a full bottom.