After a patch 2.0, according to gamers, fights with cops in Cyberpunk 2077 have become many times more interesting than before

Recall that on September 21, CD Projekt Red released the long -awaited update 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077, which has made a huge number of changes compared to the basic version of the game, including an updated system of interactions with the Night City Police. According to the comments of gamers, the new police system received significant improvements and became " A hundred times more exciting than before".

According to players, within the framework of the new system "stars" The search does not grow very quickly, and as the level rises, the player can hear the message from the police dispatcher, which gives the game an additional sensation of immersion in the atmosphere. The method of pursuit of the police – "The car is behind the machine". At the same time, in car battles it is not necessary to aim yourself, you can turn on an auxiliary aim. The players will pursue both ordinary cops and special mobile police detachments, while each of them has its own commander. And the possibilities of such a commander significantly exceed the potential of ordinary cyberpschosis.

At the same time in the unit "Max-Tak" There is a clear distribution of tasks. There are fighters for vision of near or distant battle. If you stop, then from a blow to the face with a knife of a praying person, vi can fall in a matter of seconds. Players who want to try it out are recommended to prepare for an increase in the level when joining the fight. Now even ordinary police, among other things, have hackers and armored vehicles.

On Reddit, some players shared a demonstration of the new police system, demonstrating the combat power of the Max-Tak mobile group. Most of the participants noted that "New police" really complex and capable of keeping people in suspense.

These changes have already been added to the basic version of the game and are available for free for everyone who plays on PC and current generation consoles. Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Freedom September 26 will receive even more opportunities!