The Internet rachers were completely distraught: they believe that they determined the date of the announcement of GTA 6

When it comes to rumors regarding GTA 6, fans always show a fair amount of imagination, inclined to see evidence and evidence everywhere, so much so that they build incredible narratives about the proposed events of the presentation, in this case a new action that can take place next week.

Officially about GTA 6, almost only that it is mentioned as the coming and in development at the team. Otherwise, Rockstar Games tries not to report the details about the upcoming game, which, in any case, has become an object of large -scale leakage a few months ago.

However, in addition to leaks of images and videos, there was no full presentation of the game, and so we have come to a recent update: Rockstar Games published on the site X message with the image that you have already seen here.

The message reports on the appearance of a certain content in GTA Online "Lunar festival", And so far nothing strange. However, as previously reported, many noticed the part in the left side of the image, namely "VI".

But this is not all the Internet-Saturers could think of: since it is a festival of the moon, someone even analyzed the phase of the moon depicted in the picture, and found out that it corresponds to the phase on October 3, 2023. This suggested that the presentation of GTA 6 is scheduled for Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

In addition to the question of the phase of the moon, the fact that October is a permanent month for such announcements of Rockstar, as well as the month of launching various parts of the series, can be cited as the basis for the assumption.

After the first reflections on possible references to GTA 6 in the GTA Online message, theories immediately went further, moving on to the analysis of the clues associated with October, more precisely, with "RockOctober", Given that this month has always been considered related to the news of the team.

Witchfire performance with DLSS 3 has not improved and there are stuttering

The Polish indie studio The Astronauts last week released Witchfire in the early access to Epic Games Store. This is the second game of the developer after The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and this is a completely different genre (first-person shooter in the Rogue-Lite genre in the setting of dark fantasy) compared to that game.

In January 2023, the studio confirmed the support of NVIDIA DLSS 3, saying that this was a simple addition to Witchfire, since it would seem to be impossible from the point of view of the image frequency and image quality.

In the pre -trial interview with the founder and CEO of Adrian Khmelarz, he said about NVIDIA technology:

Having only 67 % of sharpness, let’s call it the image, scaled up to 100 %, perhaps 1 % worse than if it were directly visualized up to 100 %. It sounds strange, it seems impossible, but it’s true. And an increase in the frequency of personnel phenomenal. Thus, for a low price of deterioration of an image of 1%, which in fact does not mean anything, you get much better experience. I like it

Yesterday NVIDIA published a comparative DLSS trailer, which shows that the game works at a speed of more than 200 frames per second with DLSS 3, advertising a performance increase 3 times compared to DLSS disconnected by DLSS.

However, in Witchfire, DLSS frame generation is hardly an improvement in the WCCFTECH tests with the Ryzen 7 7800x3D processor, the RTX 4090 graphic processor and 32 GB of DDR5 RAM. All graphics settings were installed on Ultra, with DLSS supercretion in quality mode (scaling from 1440p).

As you can see in the picture below, the average frame rate increased by only 16 frames per second, that is, an increase by only 8.2%. 1% percentile FPS showed itself relatively better – DLSS 3 scored 15.6 frames per second, but the percentage improvement more than doubled (18.2%). However, FPS percentile 0.2% is only 1.8 FPS, or 4.4%, improved when the DLSS 3 is turned on.

Worse, FPS percentile is 0.2% more than half lower than the percentile indicator 1%. This leads to a deterioration in the quality of the image: stuttering is very noticeable, despite the high average frequency of personnel. According to Capframex, more than 2.1% of the frames were stuttering even when DLSS 3 turned on. This is a much higher percentage than in most games that I have recently tested, in which 1% or less captured personnel classified as a brake is registered.

This is definitely the fact that the developers from The Astronauts need to be improved during the early access period.

CD Projekt still has problems? Jason Schreyer again conducted an investigation into the work of the company

Jason Schreyer, a journalist working on Bloomberg, once again "He looked intently" to the activities of CD Projekt, taking advantage of the case associated with the upcoming release of Phantom Liberty for Cyberpunk 2077.

In today’s article, Schreyer spoke about the developer’s acts in the context of the Cyberpunk brand, starting with an ambiguous release of the game in 2020, and also revealed fresh information about the culture of work in the Polish studio.

Journalist – which was not a special surprise – confirmed that the unsuccessful release of Cyberpunk 2077, in addition to the destructive work of CDP employees, changed the company’s vision regarding the future game and working on it.

Instead of two extensions planned for 2020, the developer eventually made a choice in favor of one major expansion and mass of updates that correct the deplorable technical condition of the game.

  • After the disappointing launch and departure of the leading developers of the case, CD Projekt did not go in the best way; The company lost in the stock market, and the studio work was "Sadly known", Given the crisis that was supposed to arise when developing CP2077.
  • In 2021, Gabrielle Amanjelo, who came to the CD Projekt a year earlier, became a new gamer and supervised the work on a well -accepted patch 1.5.
  • The success of the renewal was brought by Amatanjelo The full trust of the CD Projekt management, as well as the time and resources necessary to create a complement to Phantom Liberty.
  • While working on Phantom Liberty under the leadership of Amatanjelo, the studio almost completely abandoned overtime work. System measures were also taken to prevent "Burning at work".
  • This was confirmed by the low -level employees who talked with Schreyer, although at the same time they said that the balance between work and personal life is still a difficult issue, which, however, is expected, refers to the entire segment of the large -budget games industry.

It is interesting that Gabrielle Amanjelo in an interview with Bloomberg journalist said that he also plans to lead the work on the Cyberpunk 2077 sequel, and the work on the game will be conducted in a recently created studio branch located in Boston.

According to Sven Vinka, Baldur’s Gate 3 – this is “your personal” Game of Thrones “created for you”

Baldur’s Gate 3 is almost ready, and Larian Studios talks about how the upcoming role -playing game is&D wants to present you a story in style "Game of Thrones", written specifically for you and reacting to you. Before the release of Baldur’s Gate 3, only a few weeks are left, so new and new players will want to find out what exactly Baldur’s Gate 3 plans to offer.

Baldur’s Gate 3 and founder Larian Studios, Swen VinCke, talked about what can be expected from a fantasy game, in a new interview with Polish journalists.

In particular, Winka is asked how he would convince someone to play and spend money on Baldur’s Gate 3, to which he gives a simple answer: "Well, I would say: if you like Dungeons and Dragons, then you will like Baldur’s Gate 3", But then follows a deeper answer that refers to the fantasy series of George R.R. Martina "Song of Ice and Fire".

We did a great job to do the rules [D&D] available, we did a lot of work to make sure that your decisions, your personality, who are you, what you are doing – all this is reflected in the plot. The game scenario adapts to you as the game passes, and you will perceive it as if your own is written for you "Game of Thrones". Depending on what you are doing in the framework of the rules. Honestly, I do not think that such games were earlier – where are the systems, multiplayer, narrative and scene are combined into a single whole. Something like a cocktail of several ingredients, having a sip of a sip of which, you understand – everything is combined here.

With so many companions, races, caption capabilities and weapons Baldur’s Gate 3, it may seem to someone a frightening prospect of plunging into the game – but Vinka clearly wants such people to know that everything will be fine; Larian took care of this.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a large -scale role -playing game with the creators of the Divinity series: Original Sin. Larian announced the postponement of the release date of the version for the PC for a month in advance, from August 31 to August 3 to avoid a collision with Bethesda Starfield in early September. The version for PlayStation 5, meanwhile, is slightly delayed until September 6, and the versions for Xbox Series X and S are left without the release date (more about the delay of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox here).

In an interview, Winka said that, according to the developers, the standard passage of Baldur’s Gate 3 takes from 75 to 100 hours. However, players who want "to do everything", should count on doubling this figure.

Open Beta Patch 1 started.49 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Open beta version 1.49 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 became available for testing.

HDR Skyboxes, Moon and new weather effects

First of all, by numerous requests, the developers added the moon to the night sky! This is a thin, but wonderful touch that adds an additional level of realism and surprise to your virtual adventures on trucks. Curious, but what may seem like a simple addition – the moon – for some time created serious problems. The integration of the Moon into the night sky demanded, among other things, drawing, rendering and calculating lunar light, controlling reflection in reservoirs, working with wet roads and eliminating mirror effects.

In addition to this, the night sky was also rethought, adding dynamic stars that gently flicker, increasing the general reliability of night impressions.

Skyboxes will now have an expanded dynamic range (HDR), which means that the colors of the sky will be more saturated and bright, and the visual effects of the weather are also updated. Thunderstorms now include visible zipper, which provides more exciting experience. And be sure to follow the night sky in certain regions: you can be pleasantly surprised by what you notice.

Dealers of used trucks

Dot trucks will be available immediately in the main menu, where you can choose trucks that are cheaper compared to completely new cars. However, these former use trucks have a certain mileage and wear, which is indicated by their rating and a separate window, which contains detailed information about damage to various parts.

One of the most significant changes associated with this function is the improved system of damage and repair. Previously, individual details accumulated damage, expressed as a percentage and they could be repaired. However, with update 1.49 parts will be divided into three types of damage:

  • Damage: this type of damage can be eliminated with standard repairs, as before.
  • Details of details: components with signs of wear, it is necessary to replace.
  • Constant wear: Parts with constant wear can be restored only by completely restoration of the entire car. This is a more expensive procedure, but this is the only way to return the truck and trailer to the pristine state.

The advanced damage system provides improved control over car maintenance. Now you can make a conscious choice regarding which parts should be repaired or replaced based on your judgment. In addition, you have the opportunity to seek professional advice on choosing the best strategy for repairing your truck or trailer.

Modifiers of key combinations

Another very popular function that appeared in version 1.49 – these are modifiers of key bindings! Previously, when creating a new binding in the menu, only one key could be assigned for action. With update 1.49 You will now have the opportunity to use the combination of the key and modifiers to bind action. For example, now you can assign Shift + L to turn on the light if you want!

This opens up for you a completely new world of key combinations, providing more attachments, but this is not all! Now you will also have the opportunity to tie a short and long clip press. Keeping the key will be recognized as a long press, and the usual pressing of the button will be perceived as a short press.

Keyboard is not the only peripheral device using this change. Controllers will also be able to use this new function!

Beta test of the retreat of the network code in the Dragon Ball Fighterz fighting valve is slightly delayed

The game world received fresh information about the upcoming events for Dragon Ball Fighterz. The developers of the game Bandai Namco and Arc System Works shared this news, announcing the launch of a patch for adjusting the balance and delaying the long-awaited beta testing of the network code.

Balance adjustment patch, version 1.32, announced back in March, will be released today, May 23. The distribution times of this patch will differ on different platforms.

This stage of corrections follows those that were made in June last year, taking into account the game capabilities of the game after making corrections and valuable reviews received from the Dragon Ball Fighterz community. The developers expressed the hope that this change will encourage players to study a wider range of characters, both familiar and less often used.

Along with this, the Bandai Namco and Arc System Works also shared plans for the second round of balance adjustment. These changes will be based on the results of the upcoming patch. More information will be published in the near future, and players are recommended to monitor further updates.

In the same message, the developers also touched on the delay in the beta testing of the network code rollback in Steam. It was originally expected that the test would be held this spring, but it was postponed to improve and stabilize the function of the function. The team asked the players patiently to wait for additional updates regarding the revision of the terms of the beta test and apologized for the delay.

In conclusion, Bandai Namco confirmed the beginning of the world round 2023-2024 from the EVO event this year. As in the previous season, the tour will have a tournament format that supports events organized by the community. More detailed information about the tour will be made public in the near future, which caused a expectation among the gaming community.

The Dragon Ball Fighterz team is still striving to improve the gameplay for all players and expresses gratitude for the constant support from the community.

CD Projekt confirms dismissal in the studio engaged in the development of spin-off “Witcher”

Last week, everyone was glad to hear that the Project Sirius, the spin-off of the game Witcher, developed in the Molasses Flood studio CD Projekt, returned to work after he had some problems at the beginning of this year. But as a result of changes in the new direction of the project, 29 people, most of whom are employees of the Molasses Flood studio, were fired.

Sirius was represented in October 2022 as "Innovative approach to The Witcher universe", Molasses Flood developed with the support of CD Projekt Red. CD Projekt has acquired Molasses Flood, whose previous games include The Flame in the Flood and Drake Hollow, six months before, in April 2022.

But in March of this year, CD Projekt wrote off a significant part of the cost of developing the game until this moment and stated that she was evaluating "scale and commercial potential" Games and "formulates a new structure" for her.

The report published last week reported that "Work on the definition of new frames for Project Sirius" was completed, and that as a result, some financial write -offs were canceled. But shortly afterwards, several Molasses Flood employees said on social networks that they were fired. Today CD Projekt confirmed the fact of dismissal.

Since the project has changed, the composition of the team that works on it has changed – mainly from The Molasses Flood. A specific number of employees with whom we broke up is 21 people in the United States and 8 people in Poland (working on the project outside the United States).

CD Projekt refused further comments, but 29 dismissed employees are a potentially very deep reduction in the developer team. At the time of the announcement of the game last year, more than 60 people worked on Sirius, and although it is impossible to find out how much the team has grown since then, a short period of time between the announcement and landing on the agency did not give it much time for expansion. LinkedIn currently indicates that 11-50 people work in The Molasses Flood – this is not an accurate indicator, but it is obvious that this is a relatively small studio.

Project Sirius is one of the five games about the Witcher in the development of CD Projekt: the development also contains a completely new trilogy and remake of the original role -playing game, which "Created from scratch on Unreal Engine 5".

Redfall release took place – users and journalists defeated the game

The long -awaited game from the legendary Arkane studio took place tonight. And the miracle did not happen – the game was defeated by both users and critics. Only 24% of Steam users were able to recommend a vampire shooter for acquisition.

On Opensritic, everything does not look much better: the game has an average score of 66 out of 100 based on 59 reviews. At the same time, the project recommends only 29% of critics.

Most of the claims from critics and gamers come down to the fact that the novelty has an inexpressive and boring gameplay without unique features. Also, the owners of versions for the PC complained about the low performance and abundance of bugs. Although, in general, there are not so many complaints about optimization – the game itself is very bad and is expensive for this level of performance.

The game is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC in Steam, EGS and Game Pass.

Graphics 10 years ago, system requirements for 10 years of a law, only won.

The product is weak and raw. There will be no people to play in him.

graphics are just tin))) as if a game of 10 years ago. Against her background, even Dead Island 2 looks like a mega beautiful and modern.

The graphics are certainly simple, but now it became clear to me why the player of the player for shooting – the mouse movement speed is 1.2 and with aiming 0.2 and you cannot change.
In general, it’s boring, so for the evening it will go from boredom, but boring.

I have no questions to optimize, but Apskail had to be turned off right away, everything is completely sad with him.

Until I tried the coope, maybe it will be somehow more fun.

Of the pluses, it works normally, in English (all)

Of the minuses – I already caught a lag with a failed vampire under the floor, the video will be later.

So the dislUS was the same

NIMER has not changed since the time

Who would doubt, now we are waiting for the next Kaku in the form of a squad of suicides, Goluma, and immortal of an Aveum..

Well, Golum may still be a good game

lol fig minused))

Well, let’s see, but with such a graph that has already been shown, and with the requirements of the 40th series of video cards, this is already nonsense.

Visual yes at Golum, g@vnu stinks.

So initially it was clear, full feces game, ala Rainbow Six Extraction

Rather, a vampire borus

well, no, you can run into it, but not solo

Like raidfail. And Arkyin herself gave her as an example

Perhaps we are talking about different games. I thought about Vampire: The Masquarade – Bloodhunt you say

Expected, I’m even glad. The game looked like garbage on the announcement and remained on the release

The fact that the Arcana riveted the slag was clear on the first gameplay roller, apparently Deathloop was not enough for them.

In general, of course, it’s very sad for me that such talented outfits that made such unique games as Dishonored 1.2, Prey and Dark Messiah that I bought with great pleasure and passed a bunch of times to riveting the dull cooperative slag that is not needed even for free.

You know that these lasso did not do Deathloop? Now you know. This is another studio.

I know that the lasso used to make excellent games, now they are riveting slag, they have no desire to understand the number of units.

Do not understand, the vini of everyone and everyone is a common basis, the usual

I don’t quite understand what Deathloop did not go. Passed with great pleasure, plot, feed, gameplay, everything is at the level.

It is obvious that I was expecting a game of the level of Dishonored 1.2 from the Arcana, Prey and I received some stupid day of the groundhog even without normal opportunity to save the game, perhaps someone has gone, but for me it was just some kind of catastrophic degradation of arcans, the continuation of this degradation I I observe in the form of redfall.

Balabol Filka can be proud of the next exclusive

"We tried as we could, sculpted feces on the knee"

Unexpectedly and strange, a game that looks visually like shit is a conceptual shit (coop shooter), in reality, too, turned out to be shit. Who would have thought) I don’t understand why the Arkyns took up the development of such a strange stillborn project.

Here it is an example of effective "management". The game began to be developed when cooperative lutor-beviks were popular. After all, as an effective manager thinks: "We are now in the trend of the luter-boa, let’s rivet them". And it started: Marvel’s Avenges, Gotham Knights, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and our poor fellow Redfall. Just want to and be able to not always be adjacent. Arkane was primarily famous for her single, plot-oriented games and they came out of amazing. But as soon as they were forced to do what they did not have a redfall. It remains only to hope that some conclusions will be handed over and we, in the end, will see Dishonored 3. Although little is believed 😔.

Well, Gotham Knights, you drank in vain, this is not a coop Luther Action at all, almost 100% plot of a single play, there is practically no grinda, only in the beginning a little)

Most likely the studio is on the verge of closing and does what they give.

why would they even be on the verge of closing? everything was good)

Yeah, good))) Disonord2 failure, rudder, desslup failure and now redfoll will go to the campaign too. T -shirts did not close her only because it is at least some name. But they let them do some kind of crap uninhabited. Hope remained only on Harvey Smith, who seems to do there. Maybe dizonord 3.

Such (projects) initially they need to do Freedals . Or distribute to the Unified State Register

Unfortunately, the game of trash was enough for a couple of hours, the stealth there is just wow)) give the fist in the back the type falls) and where is their signature finishing? how could animation be made worse than in Dishonored 2012 release?) Over the years they only began to degrade.

Most likely those who made animations for Dishonored do not work in the company. Or did not work on this game.

So they have everything, not so, everything swings from the game of the game: interface, animation, graphics, abilities.

Arkane bosses have a strange thing, which means the idea of ​​the third Dishonored they considered it doubtful at one time, but Redfall did not embarrass anyone. It would be a pity it would be better for the new Dishonored, or Deathloop time and spent strength.

Now it is fashionable to apologize. They apologize everywhere and in everything-because of greed, they apologize, apologize because of cynicism, apologize because of greed, because they released the game in the release halfway-they also apologize, and for not testing the game, Speaking. How convenient! After all, apologies are not worth a cent.

This is capitalism, baby.)

Eat eat, do not bite.

Redfail had to be called.

The situation with Bleeding Edge from Ninja Theory that was announced in June 2019 is repeated, but was released in the same month, but Redfall was done since 2017 + transfers that did not change the game at all. As a result, Arkane buried itself even more, however, Xbox is most likely involved here. If in the summer Arkane does not announce a new normal project, then the studio can be buried.

Microsoft has a lot of money, sales are not important for them, they are the main thing to fill the game pass.

That’s it, they, not only the ass*th filled him.

Bliding Edge by the way, a cool game, I played – I liked it, although I am not a fan of the PVP of games, but there was a cool concept and a fighter. The problem is that everything was super sad with content – there was not even a stupid rating system, which is not permissible for such games. A couple of cards, few heroes – from content only a couple of types of quick matches. It was a demo of the game, not the game. And in general, she could potentially bite off the audience from overtuba)

The studio has long been chronic, as Kolantonio shook, and the feces went alone.

As I understand it, Harvi Smith makes some other project, and this miracle was made by another unit or the same guys who are deathloop stuck.

A strange complaint about the high cost, when it is in the game pass, who in this case will buy the game at all, I probably don’t understand something, someone definitely needs to buy a game instead of playing a freebie in the game pass.

what kind of game is this ? I hear it for the first time -_-

I will be baptized before starting) I won’t play yet – I will not finally bury the studio: D

Interestingly, they themselves decided to release this feces or forced them? Nevertheless, the company prior to this prior to this, even the contradictory Deathloop had interesting ideas.

I don’t remember something that the grandfather would have the same expectations as from Redfol. This is a network game of four against bots, not a plot game for one

There is a single company in the game.

The worst game of the year

It will go for a gatepass, sing what and how, but I don’t know to buy, I think it is unlikely that anyone will be .

Pfff, the fact that it would be feces and so it was known before the exit.

And what are surprised!It was immediately clear that the idea of ​​the game itself was already smelled.

They also stuck the protection in such a bottom

Well, even somehow straight

here clearly stroked something))

Hmm, they did not get a lot.

))))) Game from Arken, they said. Quadrupol hey Gam)))

The beginning of the video was reminded by The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct gapley – you also stun in the front, go around the back and achieve))

This is of course Epic VIN)))))) Damn and I also downloaded it in the pass.

The only plus from them when the Avatar for Steam was given out on Stream

Uti, well, nothing, the main thing is that they bought

They all pay for optimization. Game prices are overpriced by 300 if not higher than that for them on the quality of the game.

Yes, the game, of course, also optimize and optimize. This is confirmed by my funny funny passage!)

Arkyn rolled up and their games rolled up in a tolerant trash

They rolled out?

Well Dark Mission Dizonord were not what

Dislup originally looked like a game that can only be bought at a discount of 75%, and preferably 90%, and it immediately looked like a go in but.

An excellent engine has already been made on which Deathloop was released, the question of the question – why should it on a complex and problematic UE4, so that then everything is hayaling optimization and t.P. I understand that the engine is free conditionally, but not everyone can release at least something more or less optimized on it and he has children’s dohren’s sores there. Strange people are really to make a freebie and eventually stay at losses

Deathloop made a French team, and this Texas (Prey). The latter has experience with Cryengine, could use it. Well, or ask the neighbors to share IDTech’om, it would be better to work out anyway.

For the first time I hear that UE4 is complex and problematic

It may not be difficult if you do such UG, and if you make a quality product, then it is difficult, the problem of the engine is to make the shaders of the plaque then do not compile in the process

Graphics of kapets. This cannot be done in 2023.

Well, as I said, the game itself on the Trochka itself, I also went out simultaneously with the Jedi.

What were the shirts about doing this, and most importantly releasing not in April when the games were empty, not at the end of May, but right now I xs.

As they say, they wanted one thing, but in fact received it)))

So the suction is better than the original, here at least you can laugh at the fart.

Kolantonio left during Prey and immediately after her Arcane Studios in rest.

Expected. Soyevo-tonsive trash made is incomprehensible for whom, which lost all the identity of the Arkyn games and which also looks like a game with PS3 failed. Who would have thought, yes?

Earlier, Arkeins made good games for a niche audience of lovers of Immersive Sims, now they have begun to make games "for all". And how do we know that if the game is done "for all", then in fact it is not done for anyone. Such is an axiom that if you are trying to shoot at all the tsi at once, then you just miss.

And instead of waging the asses before all sorts of alphabetical people, it would be better to make a rustle of 2 EME, especially given the first part cliphengenger.

It’s a shame for Arkyn, they could not organize themselves and release a normal game.

As if all previous Arkane games were masterpieces! They used to shoved mediocre games before, and then suddenly everyone was waiting for a miracle, but they got what was to be expected.

24% recommended – so what? Most are always bad. And these 24% will run silently because they like the game.

Claims to gameplay? Bugs? Performance? Lol, you can find complaints in everything if you look. The main thing is to enjoy the game, and not look for shortcomings in it!

But no, it is important to share with the world like a game – "Bad, boring and expensive". Just a regular action that a minority likes.

Somehow I don’t believe "Also, owners of versions for PC complained of low performance"

The game industry is stagnant and only the present indie can save the situation

Well, yes, this is a shit!

I look at Stream, there really is some kind of tremas, but in the coop the very thing is to laugh at the bugs and the stupid of what is happening in the game. You can run in a gamest if there is someone, you can’t buy in any case

Roll for 2 hours, if really all is so bad then Refund

Easier pass by cheaply find and arrange

It is expected to have the fate of this craft from the announcement of the announcement. A normal publisher, having seen such a game, would restart the development or even cancel, but here is necrosoft, so we have what we have. Forpoken for Xbox.

Let them buy the sorcerer, evaporate it and finally the conveyor will end.

It’s not for nothing that they used to really play players and gaming journalists more adequate. They are already used to the fact that if the estimate is below 80 out of 100, then that’s it, Govno game.

66 out of 100 is an ordinary average game, even higher than average. She will find her player quite.

I myself did not really like her according to the trailer and other preliminary materials, but now he looked at the gameplay from mere mortals on the yutyub and looks quite normal. I even wanted to play. I repeat for the nearby, it looks normal, t.e. Medium, not a masterpiece, but at least once it will come to play at least once.

Another appraiser YouTubert

not bad game yes

"All" – This is not about me, but if I really like some game, then I will play it, despite the bad grades and opinions of some left-wing people.

The same and vice versa, if everyone praises some game, put her 12 out of 10, but at the same time I personally do not like her, then I will not play her.

This is the taste. This is the individuality. This is your own opinion. What you are deprived of.

They did not notice the analogy?, All that Microsoft will not take under its wing – it turns out radfale. I noticed this 2 years ago and each release under their wing confirms this, the death of the death of Hbox and Gampass along with the activist if you want to so much.

And what is its legendary?Arx Fatalis has good reviews, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic is a crooking fake, Prey is a very strange game, for an amateur, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, Deathloop and Redfall.
From normal games Dishonored and Dishonored 2 and Wolfenstein: Youngblood.
Normal games, not legendary.Dishonored dull budget was not enough to a large -scale adventure, and Wolfenstein again for an amateur.

This game has passed the test of time. And you say in all seriousness that this is a crooked fake? Strange.

And what is the fake? Due to the fact that on a good Source engine, like Half-Life 2?

The engine is excellent.The game is a curve fake.You pump a spell that leaves traps on the ground.According to the idea, the enemy passes through it – the trap explodes.In fact, out of 10 traps, 3 explodes.The bottles of mana end, the mana ends, you are dying, because your magic does not work.
Everything is generally crooked and not comfortable in the game.This is how well the second halva is made so badly this game.Fashion for the second halva is better made than this game.
I don’t know, maybe if you suffer a couple of hours and pump up the restoration of mana, then playing will become easier, but the beginning is what you want to delete this game.
The only assumption is that on a modern map with the latest drivers and Vin 10 the game does not work as it should.But again, why in the second halva there are no bugs on a modern map with the last drivers and Vin 10?
I describe my feelings from the game.I saw her in the tops, and this was interested.Apparently the tops are just by the old memory of each other, they are copying the games that praise.

I have recruited Dark Messiah of Might and Magic many times a long time ago. One of the best games Arkane.

For the most part I went through stealth than to enter into an open battle. Also threw boxes into the enemy. Tried to freeze the track, and he slipped and fell into the abyss. You can kick the abyss. I really liked the diverse way to eliminate the enemy. Vurdalak (or ghoul) – the most furious opponent in the game. The fight with him is unpredictable, but solved the problem of how to easily eliminate. )

Mana I used extremely rare. Since my path was not to the magician.

Of the minuses, there were stuck in some places. A very short game. You can go in one day. The plot is generally about anything and a strange ending. I tried all ends. All of them are uninteresting. He played Dark Messiah of Might and Magic just for the sake of exciting gameplay, not the plot.

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The creators of Star Wars Outlaws were not inspired by Star Wars 1313

Although the last few Ubisoft releases were more failure than successful, the future looks somewhat better thanks to games such as Star Wars Outlaws. This is a third -person with the open world, developed by Ubisoft Massive, known for the game The Division, in which Kay Vessi plays the main role, leading a robber lifestyle on numerous planets.

The general atmosphere can remind the abolished adventure game Star Wars 1313, in which it was supposed to talk about the hunters of the head. In an interview with the gamedector Navid Havari, Creative Director Julian Herait and the senior creative director of Lucasfilm Mattom Martin, the journalist asked if Outlaws was inspired from the game Lucasarts.

Havari answered: "No, it really was done from scratch". Herait added: "No, 100 percent. We do not have access to any other space. And, frankly, we, as creators, are also pleased to try to find our way and our niche and think about things with the experience and scale that can bring Massive and Palm Studios".

What about Star Wars: Dark Forces, in which the main character Kyle Katarn, before becoming a Jedi, began his career as a kind of smuggling? Unfortunately, heraita excluded any possibility that Kay will receive a light sword.

"She really doesn’t need him. I don’t know if she wants him at all". Havari added: "Probably, good loans could be obtained for this", Then herait spoke about the general prospects of the game. In short, this is not about the Jedi.

"We said that this is not a story about an empire or rebels. This is not a story about the Jedi. This is a story about a criminal. And I think that it was very important for us to accept this from the point of view of the game process, from the point of view of characters, from the point of view of the motivation of characters. So I can say with confidence that in this matter "No"".

Star Wars Outlaws will be released in 2024 for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. Despite the presence of planets created by hand, the size of 2-3 zones in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the developer assured the players that this would not be "200 or 300-hour epic role-playing game, which cannot be completed".

Nvidia released GeForce 546 drivers.29 WHQL Game Ready

Nvidia released its last GeForce 546 driver.29 WHQL Game Ready, which adds support to Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Edition, improving RTX and DLSS capabilities.

The new GeForce Game Ready driver improves RTX quality, DLSS 3 support is expanded.5

Cyberpunk 2077 Ultimate Edition and update 2.1, which will be released on December 5, will be free for everyone and add various technological improvements. The update will also marry the release of Cyberpunk 2077 Ray Tracing: Overdrive from the status of a pre -evidence in which the support of Path Tracing appeared. Thus, Path Tracing not only leaves the pre -viewing mode, but also provides improved image quality and new opportunities.

One of these functions is the inclusion of DLSS 3.5 from NVIDIA when activating reflections with ray tracing. Currently DLSS 3.5 works only with the RT Overdrive mode (tracing of the circuit), but with the latest update it can be used with standard reflections of Ray RayTracing, both as a pre -installation and when setting up user parameters.

This will allow more gamers with RTX to use this technology, therefore, summing up, you will receive:

  • New technological improvements
  • Improved image quality
  • DLSS 3.5 with support for RT Reflections
  • RT: Overdrive mode (tracing of the circuit) exits the state of pre -viewing

We move to the second major update from the latest GeForce Game Ready Drivers: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone have supported the complete trace of the rays and technologies of NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 with Ray Reconstruction in the pre -trial lobby. These updates will be added to the driver on December 6 and provide an additional depth of detail in the game.

Finally, the new GeForce Game Ready driver also adds support for new G-Sync-compatible displays, as well as profiles for 12 new games.

The new Game Ready driver adds support for seven new G-Sync compatible displays, including:

  • Corsair 315QHD165
  • LG 27GR95QE
  • LG 27GR95UM
  • Philips 27M1N5500ZR

The new Game Ready Driver driver adds optimal GeForce Experience settings with one mouse click for 12 new games, including: