CD Projekt still has problems? Jason Schreyer again conducted an investigation into the work of the company

Jason Schreyer, a journalist working on Bloomberg, once again "He looked intently" to the activities of CD Projekt, taking advantage of the case associated with the upcoming release of Phantom Liberty for Cyberpunk 2077.

In today’s article, Schreyer spoke about the developer’s acts in the context of the Cyberpunk brand, starting with an ambiguous release of the game in 2020, and also revealed fresh information about the culture of work in the Polish studio.

Journalist – which was not a special surprise – confirmed that the unsuccessful release of Cyberpunk 2077, in addition to the destructive work of CDP employees, changed the company’s vision regarding the future game and working on it.

Instead of two extensions planned for 2020, the developer eventually made a choice in favor of one major expansion and mass of updates that correct the deplorable technical condition of the game.

  • After the disappointing launch and departure of the leading developers of the case, CD Projekt did not go in the best way; The company lost in the stock market, and the studio work was "Sadly known", Given the crisis that was supposed to arise when developing CP2077.
  • In 2021, Gabrielle Amanjelo, who came to the CD Projekt a year earlier, became a new gamer and supervised the work on a well -accepted patch 1.5.
  • The success of the renewal was brought by Amatanjelo The full trust of the CD Projekt management, as well as the time and resources necessary to create a complement to Phantom Liberty.
  • While working on Phantom Liberty under the leadership of Amatanjelo, the studio almost completely abandoned overtime work. System measures were also taken to prevent "Burning at work".
  • This was confirmed by the low -level employees who talked with Schreyer, although at the same time they said that the balance between work and personal life is still a difficult issue, which, however, is expected, refers to the entire segment of the large -budget games industry.

It is interesting that Gabrielle Amanjelo in an interview with Bloomberg journalist said that he also plans to lead the work on the Cyberpunk 2077 sequel, and the work on the game will be conducted in a recently created studio branch located in Boston.