Beta test of the retreat of the network code in the Dragon Ball Fighterz fighting valve is slightly delayed

The game world received fresh information about the upcoming events for Dragon Ball Fighterz. The developers of the game Bandai Namco and Arc System Works shared this news, announcing the launch of a patch for adjusting the balance and delaying the long-awaited beta testing of the network code.

Balance adjustment patch, version 1.32, announced back in March, will be released today, May 23. The distribution times of this patch will differ on different platforms.

This stage of corrections follows those that were made in June last year, taking into account the game capabilities of the game after making corrections and valuable reviews received from the Dragon Ball Fighterz community. The developers expressed the hope that this change will encourage players to study a wider range of characters, both familiar and less often used.

Along with this, the Bandai Namco and Arc System Works also shared plans for the second round of balance adjustment. These changes will be based on the results of the upcoming patch. More information will be published in the near future, and players are recommended to monitor further updates.

In the same message, the developers also touched on the delay in the beta testing of the network code rollback in Steam. It was originally expected that the test would be held this spring, but it was postponed to improve and stabilize the function of the function. The team asked the players patiently to wait for additional updates regarding the revision of the terms of the beta test and apologized for the delay.

In conclusion, Bandai Namco confirmed the beginning of the world round 2023-2024 from the EVO event this year. As in the previous season, the tour will have a tournament format that supports events organized by the community. More detailed information about the tour will be made public in the near future, which caused a expectation among the gaming community.

The Dragon Ball Fighterz team is still striving to improve the gameplay for all players and expresses gratitude for the constant support from the community.