The Internet rachers were completely distraught: they believe that they determined the date of the announcement of GTA 6

When it comes to rumors regarding GTA 6, fans always show a fair amount of imagination, inclined to see evidence and evidence everywhere, so much so that they build incredible narratives about the proposed events of the presentation, in this case a new action that can take place next week.

Officially about GTA 6, almost only that it is mentioned as the coming and in development at the team. Otherwise, Rockstar Games tries not to report the details about the upcoming game, which, in any case, has become an object of large -scale leakage a few months ago.

However, in addition to leaks of images and videos, there was no full presentation of the game, and so we have come to a recent update: Rockstar Games published on the site X message with the image that you have already seen here.

The message reports on the appearance of a certain content in GTA Online "Lunar festival", And so far nothing strange. However, as previously reported, many noticed the part in the left side of the image, namely "VI".

But this is not all the Internet-Saturers could think of: since it is a festival of the moon, someone even analyzed the phase of the moon depicted in the picture, and found out that it corresponds to the phase on October 3, 2023. This suggested that the presentation of GTA 6 is scheduled for Tuesday, October 3, 2023.

In addition to the question of the phase of the moon, the fact that October is a permanent month for such announcements of Rockstar, as well as the month of launching various parts of the series, can be cited as the basis for the assumption.

After the first reflections on possible references to GTA 6 in the GTA Online message, theories immediately went further, moving on to the analysis of the clues associated with October, more precisely, with "RockOctober", Given that this month has always been considered related to the news of the team.