The creators of Star Wars Outlaws were not inspired by Star Wars 1313

Although the last few Ubisoft releases were more failure than successful, the future looks somewhat better thanks to games such as Star Wars Outlaws. This is a third -person with the open world, developed by Ubisoft Massive, known for the game The Division, in which Kay Vessi plays the main role, leading a robber lifestyle on numerous planets.

The general atmosphere can remind the abolished adventure game Star Wars 1313, in which it was supposed to talk about the hunters of the head. In an interview with the gamedector Navid Havari, Creative Director Julian Herait and the senior creative director of Lucasfilm Mattom Martin, the journalist asked if Outlaws was inspired from the game Lucasarts.

Havari answered: "No, it really was done from scratch". Herait added: "No, 100 percent. We do not have access to any other space. And, frankly, we, as creators, are also pleased to try to find our way and our niche and think about things with the experience and scale that can bring Massive and Palm Studios".

What about Star Wars: Dark Forces, in which the main character Kyle Katarn, before becoming a Jedi, began his career as a kind of smuggling? Unfortunately, heraita excluded any possibility that Kay will receive a light sword.

"She really doesn’t need him. I don’t know if she wants him at all". Havari added: "Probably, good loans could be obtained for this", Then herait spoke about the general prospects of the game. In short, this is not about the Jedi.

"We said that this is not a story about an empire or rebels. This is not a story about the Jedi. This is a story about a criminal. And I think that it was very important for us to accept this from the point of view of the game process, from the point of view of characters, from the point of view of the motivation of characters. So I can say with confidence that in this matter "No"".

Star Wars Outlaws will be released in 2024 for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. Despite the presence of planets created by hand, the size of 2-3 zones in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the developer assured the players that this would not be "200 or 300-hour epic role-playing game, which cannot be completed".