CD Projekt confirms dismissal in the studio engaged in the development of spin-off “Witcher”

Last week, everyone was glad to hear that the Project Sirius, the spin-off of the game Witcher, developed in the Molasses Flood studio CD Projekt, returned to work after he had some problems at the beginning of this year. But as a result of changes in the new direction of the project, 29 people, most of whom are employees of the Molasses Flood studio, were fired.

Sirius was represented in October 2022 as "Innovative approach to The Witcher universe", Molasses Flood developed with the support of CD Projekt Red. CD Projekt has acquired Molasses Flood, whose previous games include The Flame in the Flood and Drake Hollow, six months before, in April 2022.

But in March of this year, CD Projekt wrote off a significant part of the cost of developing the game until this moment and stated that she was evaluating "scale and commercial potential" Games and "formulates a new structure" for her.

The report published last week reported that "Work on the definition of new frames for Project Sirius" was completed, and that as a result, some financial write -offs were canceled. But shortly afterwards, several Molasses Flood employees said on social networks that they were fired. Today CD Projekt confirmed the fact of dismissal.

Since the project has changed, the composition of the team that works on it has changed – mainly from The Molasses Flood. A specific number of employees with whom we broke up is 21 people in the United States and 8 people in Poland (working on the project outside the United States).

CD Projekt refused further comments, but 29 dismissed employees are a potentially very deep reduction in the developer team. At the time of the announcement of the game last year, more than 60 people worked on Sirius, and although it is impossible to find out how much the team has grown since then, a short period of time between the announcement and landing on the agency did not give it much time for expansion. LinkedIn currently indicates that 11-50 people work in The Molasses Flood – this is not an accurate indicator, but it is obvious that this is a relatively small studio.

Project Sirius is one of the five games about the Witcher in the development of CD Projekt: the development also contains a completely new trilogy and remake of the original role -playing game, which "Created from scratch on Unreal Engine 5".