Battlefield Mobile was canceled due to the failure of Battlefield 2042

The co -founder of Industrial Toys, a developer who previously worked on Battlefield Mobile, says that the failure of Battlefield 2042 played a role in the abolition of the game and closing his studio.

Alex Seropian, co -founder of Bungie in 1991, and then the co -founder of Industrial Toys in 2012, said Mobilegamer.Biz, that the negative reaction to Battlefield 2042 made EA stop and rethink her further plans for the series.

Battlefield Mobile was supposed to exit at the end of 2022 or early 2023, and already in November 2022 in five countries of Southeast Asia, an open beta version of the game was launched. However, in January 2023, the game was canceled (along with Apex Legends Mobile), and its Industrial Toys studio, numbering 120 people, was also closed.

"At first, the whole wind in the universe was in the sails of SS Battlefield Mobile: the genre [shooter] is developing, this is an excellent IP, we have an excellent team – all this was very good", – He explained Seropian, and then stated that the Battlefield 2042 bad reception, when she left in October 2021, changed the situation.

Over the past year, several things have occurred. Battlefield 2042 came out, and the community reaction to 2042 was not very good. This was the impetus for introspection. Apple also changed the rules of IDFA, and the essence of this is that the purchase of users has become much more expensive. So organics came to naught with the release of 2042, and paid distribution became an order of magnitude more expensive due to IDFA rules. And then APEX came out, and I don’t know if EA spoke about why they canceled it, whether it was an economy or something else, but without my words you can fill in the gaps, I suppose.

Further, Seropian said that although the beta version of Battlefield Mobile, in his opinion, went well, EA did not want to allocate additional resources necessary to bring the game to global launch and further.

"We conducted a soft launch that went well, but now, to get to the finish line, we will need so much time and so much money to reach the global level", – he said.

I think that now there is a trend when large mobile games and large IP use a franchise approach – to consider mobile games as another platform for the franchise, there is one large release and all consistently on all these platforms. Our approach was the exact opposite – it was an individual experience for mobile devices, because people use these devices, play and everything else in different ways. So all these things are united, and I think that this is why you got such a result. Nobody wanted this, but, you know, the world is changing, and people react.