Star Wars Outlaws uses technologies that convey the atmosphere of the original Star Wars trilogy

Star Wars Outlaws action takes place between films "The empire makes a response blow" And "The return of the Jedi". It is because of this time period of time that Massive Entertainment is trying to convey the atmosphere of those films in his coming game with the open world.

Creative Director Julian Gerighty spoke about this magazine Edge Magazine. According to him, "The action of the game unfolds between the empire and the Jedi, so the [studio] wanted to recreate this feeling". This meant that Massive was supposed to create a technology that could convey the features of the shooting of the 1970s. Because of this, the image of Outlaws received "vignetting, film granularity, effect "Breath" lens, curvature of the lens, [and] light glare", which creates the effect of the camera lens of that time.

According to herait, all these features are barely perceptible, but " Together give the players a more cinematic effect". According to him, in the process of developing the game, each element passes "The process of reduction", which allows him to bring it to "basic indicators", Thus doing "star Wars" as they are. This also applies to the technologies that the main character Kay Wessa uses: they should look as if they were created on the set of almost half a century ago, but at the same time not to focus on any one era.

I can even complain about such trifles as the design of binoculars Kay. In it you can see the elements inspired by the 70s or 80s, but at the same time practically not losing their relevance.

At the same time, Herait emphasized that such attention to details is a difficult task, since there are other aspects that determine the specifics of such a long -term and significant license.

It is impossible to understand those restrictions, that philosophy of design and those principles that underlie the creation of a new gadget, pistol or creature. We had to learn.

The release of Star Wars Outlaws is still scheduled for 2024, so the Massive should still tell a lot about the game and how it is connected with the film franchise, part of which is.