Mortal Kombat fans are divided by an opinion about which characters they do not want to see in MK1

In anticipation of Mortal Kombat 1, fans of the series express their opinion about the characters that they would like to see in the upcoming game, but at the same time in social networks there is a conversation about which characters they would prefer not to see. The growing theme on Reddit caused a lively discussion among fans who expressed their fears and offered their options for a character roster.

In the list of unwanted characters, the name Mokap, a less famous character, debuted in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Mokap, who, in fact, is an artist of capture of movement that turned into a fighter, did not find a response from fans and is often considered as one of the most forgotten additions to the series.

Another frequently mentioned character is Hsu Hao, a member of the Red Dragon clan. Like Mokap, Khsu Hao first appeared in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and was ambiguous. Many fans referred to its controversial design and gameplay mechanics as the reason for their disapproval. Among other names that often surfaced, there were characters such as Dramin and Bo’rai Cho, presented in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. They are often considered less significant for the history of Mortal Kombat and, accordingly, less popular compared to other fighters. Di’vora and Cano were also repeatedly mentioned as unwanted characters. As one user writes about Kano: "I am tired of people who pretend that it is very important, while he is constantly the least chosen character in most games in which he appeared".

Although the discussion on Reddit reflects the desires and fears of passionate fans, it remains to find out how Netherrealm Studios will take into account these wishes in the final grower of Mortal Kombat 1. The developer has an experience of carefully studying the reviews of fans, which often take into account common wishes. As for the already confirmed characters in MK1, this is: Li Kan, Scorpio, Sab-Ziro, Raiden, Kun Lao, Kitan, Milena, Shang Zun and Johnny Cage.

A, t.e. the presence of guest characters who have not fallen to anyone, does not bother anyone? And, like, there would be no include characters from MK who are rarely found or at all forgotten, instead we add a stranger, predator, leather egg, Jason, Freddie, Kratos, Rambo, Terminator, Robocop, and now the Homelander, Omnimen, Omnimen, Omnimen. Peacemaker – well, who needs them? There would be no raiko, shinok, again the same Sairaks, sector, Smowk (both cyber and not cyber), but in principle to list and list it, but no, let’s run up the whole thing and, most importantly, with such necessary characters

And I liked the characters from MK X))

Guest do not participate in the plot. Yes, it is a pity that developers spend strength on some (but it pays off, you need to understand).
But it is the main Roster that is important, since history revolves around these heroes.

Therefore, the question is fundamental.

Guest characters will be as Netherrealm gets from this money they paid them they added one or another character in order to raise the popularity of the character

vice versa. Netsers pay for the character, and additional players buy MK to play for spaunas or predator.

That is, you get on the fact that there are such guest characters as:-"Alien, predator, leather face, Kratos, Freddy and Jason, and at the same time you forget that the Smoke, the sector and Sairax were in the same two parts in a row? Moreover, at least they were not at 11, but at 11 there was also no: -chuguyu, predator, leather face, Kratos, Freddy and Jason. Even as a hypocrisy smells not?

Reiko did not at all go up (at least to me personally). But the puppy is somehow not digesting. He was like a boss in 4 garbage, and in X, although he was playable, but in general I did not like. And the Dark Puppy (a piercing carrier with a brutal dark Shao Cano Cana from MK VS DC) is generally a piece of lousy shit, which is melting like a noob, but having a buff for damage and a dauher of the hitpoons.

Oh oh oh. Again, someone discussed something somewhere.

For all the time of such articles for the first time I hear that someone is dissatisfied with the cano lol. In the MK community, everything is simple. There are characters MK3 Triloji and they are inviolable. There is a post classic and the beginning of the 3rd era. There are already a little shared opinions, whether it is conditionally needed by some kind of Shinnok or Reiko. And there are characters from the new trilogy of which are in most of the heites, someone less than someone more.

Yeah. Keno, maybe not the most popular, but I think. His place in Laura is very important. Both plot and just by the type of character.
In any case, you will have to come up with some "Bad". But I can’t call someone from MK in the same niche at all from memory that Kano always occupied. He is clearly the most successful of all possible frostbitten "Bandosov"-traitors.

There was one of the most despicable character of the series. Hsus Hao. Bdsm misunderstanding that replaced the cano. Well, the dislike of him in the community is so great that it follows through the monitor. What again says in favor of Cano.

A small correction: Khsu Hao never replaced the cano, he appeared in the deadly alliance, where Cano was also a playable fighter. But who really replaced him, like Sonya, is Kira already in the next part, the desepshn that possessed the abilities of two heroes

Oh dii I crossed one with the other. But in turn, I will also make a straightforward line and explain this time correctly who I meant. Replacement of Cano was a character named Jrek who appeared in MK4 and had a set of techniques and veil veils. By the ENT, as his student and I will say that the character is just unlike Kano Nafig. Then he received his unique techniques in Armageddon like, but it was in MK4 that he was a complete replacement of the cano. And even having become an independent character, nobody had nominated in memory, except those who memorized and read ENT MK)

How can you not love the cano? Without it, MK is not MK at all. His personality, charisma, dirty jokes add colorfulness to the plot. And where without his eternal confrontation with Sonya? Sonya, Cano, Jax, Kabal – not a word about these guys, as I understand it. But if they are not, then I’m not very interested in buying a game, to be honest.

Well, there are just such people (Like me) who accept the characters quite personally. That is, if I myself were next to such a man as a cano, I would specifically hate him. Because I do not want to have with such a person who carries a mile away, nothing in common. Maybe from the outside, indifferent faces, he may seem funny, but I have a special attitude to the games and I try to perceive plot things a little differently than most players, which contributes to immersion in the plot, history and ENT of the world as a whole. So I hate him with all my heart. I don’t like his design, I don’t like his character, I don’t like how defiantly he behaves, I don’t like his movements and gameplay in general. His techniques and fatals are also too far out. Although pro I didn’t really see the players on it (because you can’t really make it really in his Muv List of Long Combo), I’m sure that there are people practicing the cano and I’m almost sure that in life, such people are not very good in nature and with such people I definitely will never develop friendly relations. Not that someone wanted to be friends with me on the basis of my tastes regarding video games. Sad Face.

Well, wait, Shan Tsung is also not sugar, not a gift. Cano is a clear negative character, a member of MK films, a sort of evil representative of the underground gangs of earthlings, I also do not like him, but in the game I think it should be, well, such an unemiled part of the game, the MK universe, you can not play against them, you can play against it him and rejoice in victories)))

If it is blessed, already to the vigor of this runaway Sonya, Jax for the Cano, where they still appeared in the form of Kessi and Jackie

Shang Tsung at least has ambitions, charm and charisma (and I am almost sure that it would not have prevented his plans and it would be quite interesting for me to observe him from the outside, and I would also be in a very large anticipation of What universe he could create in the place of Li Kanga in the plot of 11 part in DLC consequences), and in the plot of the first parts he has one of the main roles! No need to compare it with the cano.

For me, Shang Tsung from MK like Loki in the cinematic marvel. And the cano from MK, like Crossbones from Cinnotted Marvel. I’m sorry, what? You ask who Crossbones is? So for me the same question arose, only to the cano from MK.

Yeah. True, it is strange that in Ixa Kano himself did not catch his spinogryz so that Kessi and Jackie were chasing him/her. Although no, not strange. Just a cano is so much a piece of shit that more than one girl is in their right mind, he will not give him. Unless some kind of Kira’s noun from his own group would give any. Yes, and then for the grandmas. And in general, I am almost sure that even his offspring would have gone (a) in some special detachment and caught his own dad.

Although the discussion on Reddit reflects the desires and fears of passionate fans, it remains to find out how Netherrealm Studios will take into account these preferences. The developer has experience careful study of fans reviews.

Walked 2023, Bun never mastered the playable four-haired Motaro in 3D universe.

Let it make a spin of off about Motaro) where he goes from turning into a minotaur to the return of a pair of legs)

Some kind of game. I do not want to see ugly women in this part, but the rest of the good.

But how without Shiva then

They have already decided everything in any way

In MK 9 there was nothing about Freddie Krueger.

And in 1 everything is normal as for me.

Whatever I want to see the characters in MK 1? Easily ! Kai and Jrekrek for example. The most secondary characters who were quickly leaked after the four. Tanya is also not needed in principle, just another woman in a multi -colored costume for a variety. Ferra and Torr – but judging by the insider, Ferra will be in the DLC, which is sad, because these are the most annoying characters that I saw. Well, almost all the new characters came out from Deadly Alliance according to Armageddon (except Kensha). The most secondary and most not interesting characters.

I have my own list of characters that I do not want to see in MK 1 (2023):

Well, I can still understand Nitaru because she was only in the post of classics and lit up, but what did the old man Bo Ray Ray what the old man did not please you? He’s funny and cringja. He is like Michelangelo in ninja turtles. He is needed! Even if you throw it out of the roster of playable characters, then let the Assistants at least in the plot videos with cameo! Please! Do not be so strict to him! Although you put it in seventh place, and the seed is a happy number. hmm.

Okay, I have already removed Bo Ray and replaced with Scarlet. Bo Rayk Cho, he is a teacher Liu Kan. Bo Ray what is an unusual person, unlike Liu Kan, he is an external world.

Glad you understand.

And he also has a cool gameplay in mkh

I would not like to see the whole non -canon. Already darmed to do crossovers. It remains of Vinx’s fireplace to add to MK for complete minced meat, as well as heroes and Saint Row 3-5, fits in delirium.

And Barbie, especially their black versions)

No, Winx will not add, costumes are too frank

Dimerion and cetrion in the trash

Persians who are expected in Roster – Johnny Cage, Sonya, Dzhaks, Cano, Cyborgs, Straike, Kabal and Kenshi – will be in a non -granary growth "Camo". And the central combat system seems to be a tag-bo.

I applaise standing. ) Нах не нужен ростер из левых бойцов, верните классических народу, неужели Бун этого не понимает? (Feispalm)

Johnny Cage – Yes! Very important, very much is needed both by the plot and gameplay.

Sonya Blade, Jacks Briggs and Cano – (at least for me) is not particularly needed (because tear them out of the plot and globally the world of people will not particularly lose it, because in general they did not make a contribution to the victory of the earthly kingdom, but simply lurking where then in the back of the main plot with its third -party story. Sonya was even "Girl in trouble", which you need to run away and save on the same time with the Chinese, while Dzhaks became disabled, and Kano stupidly supplied the guns of invaders. As fighters in general, Sonya and Jax are good, but not too popular. Jacks except. For Sonya, in general, few people play.

Striker – generally was superfluous everywhere. What is in the third ultimatum, what is in MK 2011. I’ll keep silent about the post of classics, because there are more than half of the Roster, were continuous garbage and a copy -fist that did not work from the word at all.

Here further I completely agree.

Cyborgs were always steep. Boys love robots. Robots in our blood. Like girls dolls. This is genetic. And the ninja robots are a double cool.

Kabal and Kenshi are not the characters that and that. It seems to be needed, but it seems that you can do without them. But since there is, then let them be. If not, then without them we will not disappear.

Then they forgot the most important! NINJA! Without Scorpio and Sab Zero Mk, not mk at all. Scorpio Favorite character of Ed Bun, so almost not one part of MK did not do without him. And the rest of the colorful ninja. For me, they were in childhood variations of Scorpio and Sab Zero with other tricks. This was later prescribed for them and made their plot arches.

Well, bosses are granted. Any mutants who are not a pity to dissect, because they only resemble people, but since not people can do everything that you can do with them (at least according to different religions and the ESRB rating commission that allows you to do everything you like with invented creatures). Conduct any genetic experiments, dissect and torture without trial and investigation, and so on. People are hypocritical. Only human life is priceless, and any other means nothing at all. After all, the law of the jungle works for the rest. Kill or die. Something brought me to the wrong steppe.

And we must not forget any inflated rocks straight from Gachimuchi (even before she became mainstream) such as Shao Cana and some she and/or black. Here is the main quintessence of the MK Games series. And from time to time, people eat the same carbon copy from part to part (just like remasters and remakes (I do not think the resident evil because their remakes are too different from the originals so as not to consider them completely different games)), you only have to change a couple of things ( Well, there, for example, to renew the appearance and the Incut of techniques in the characters so that the nerds of previous parts in the new do not feel too confident in the first pairs) and fans will eat the same time from time to time. There is nothing to do here. They don’t do the other. But change what works. washed the special one is not visible.

In fact, in a dispute of meaning I do not see the main game, (standard fighters), guests need or additional skins can be released in additions along with a side (parallel history)

They are weak to come up with new ones?

It is easier to say who I do not want to see in a MK series in principle: all guest characters from other universes.
I consider this method of attracting new players by adding acquaintances and cult muzzles the most simple and primitive.

Hmm, and write books, with links to such games. You won’t have time to look back, and there is already vinaigrette. But in general, if each Persian gets a beautiful story compatible with the main plot, then let them live. There are a lot of worlds, somehow they will be placed.

AND? I can’t play for those characters that I like only because the Reddite phaggotes do not want them in the game? And it’s not easier not to choose those who you personally do not like it and not to whine, that in the grower of the game there are those who did not please you, although the best for the majority of the best

Let the mountain return and get rid of them..

Definitely this generation of characters that flashes often, but which are not the characters mentioned old, but in the last chronology starting with MK 10-11 are loomed often.
They outlived themselves, the maximum squeezed the plot out of them,
Kessi and Jackie – it already makes no sense in their appearance and there are times there, I do not think that they were born.
Kung Gene and Takoded Takahashi – characters from the garbage dump, to close holes in MK 10, before the characters were invented more interesting.
Cetrion and Geras – nafig them, Kronika died, they are not needed for nafig.
Frost is also not needed, she could do what, we have enough sub-ziro one.
Jacks and Straiker – if only in the role of Camoo, one in essence as a piece of brown heeja and the second as a white heeal game is located, they are not needed in new games of the series, if only as a cameo no more.
Ferra and Torr are just two degenerates, introduced to fly the holes of the new preferences of the outside world, just trash.
Kotet Kang and Dee the Thief – they got out of themselves, just two pieces of Eerma, Kotete is so a nasty character by nature, supposedly all such a person of honor, but in fact there is nothing better than Shao Can.
Collector and Erron Black – one new, second almost new Persian, both Eermo, did not affect the plot of the game, stupidly just for flying holes, also not needed.
As well as the characters of the old era, all garbage like ashra, Bo’rai Cho, Dyra, Darrius, Jrarek, Dramin, Daygon, Kai, Kenshi, Kira, Cobra, Lee May, Mokap, Moloch, Meat, Sarin, Shudzhinko, Taineen , Khotaru, Khsu Hao and other Hero characters, they are stupidly just to supplement the general atmosphere and that there are supposedly still characters, representatives of other worlds and so on, they are like trash characters.

I would like to see a new story, to see in Roster representatives of centaurs as Motaro and Shokanov, not Shiva, but Gorod or Kintaro, villains like a sham-poon, Shao Kan or Shinnok are already tired, or to come up with a new one, or to revive the old villain of the villain. How did you, returning to the game, respectively, the reptile, Nitaru, who are connected with it plot, and the role of sucker Shujinko, who is connected with Onaga in the plot, put a more normal character like Liu-Kang or Raiden, that is, such a character who could resist such powerful power, given that even Shao Kang could not kill Onaga alone, and in terms of the level of onaga power is more powerful than any fighter from the entire fowl navigator, he is immortal, physical, and will be bent, given that in the last chronology they forgot about the Onge, and the design of Shao Kan in MK 11 gave the reason at that time fans of the theory that in that universe Shao Kan absorbed the essence of Onagi,Therefore, his skin was half-gap, it would be possible to make rumors a rethinking of the event of 5-7 parts of Mortal Combat, since about Blaise, Onagu, deadly alliance, everyone forgot, or to put more formidable power in the confrontation, but who? The mega goddess of all gods Titanid Kronik was bent twice, only the forgotten emperor of the external world, the most cruel, merciless and dangerous kang for all his generations, is the kanaga kang Kanaga can compare.

I don’t want many different Persians. At least, I despise Deehor. To give such a character to kill Scorpio and Milin is a shame, sincerely waited for her in the plot of 11 parts to kill the fuck. But I’m waiting for Sairax, sector and Smoke.

Raiden had already lifted it everywhere already.

Reiden will not be removed since he is already part of the new plot and he can be a new protagonist