AMD shared the system requirements for the Starfield PC for 4K and 1440p

AMD shared the system requirements for PC with a resolution of 4K and 1440p for the long -awaited new game Bethesda Starfield. These more detailed requirements for the PC will give you an idea of ​​the PC system that you will need to enjoy the game in resolution of 1440p or 4K.

AMD recommends using the AMD Ryzen 7 7700X processor with the AMD Radeon RX 6800 Series video card for resolution 1440p. According to the red team, this combination will be “ideal for hardcore 1440p or gamers with broad -screen monitors to provide maximum visual settings and high frame rate“.

To play 4K AMD offers to use AMD Ryzen 7 7800x3D with the AMD Radeon RX 7900 XT video card. AMD states that this computer system will provide “Absolutely the best experience Starfield in 4K“.

Since these requirements are part of the AMD advertising campaign, they do not include NVIDIA or Intel graphic processors. Thus, let’s hope that Bethesda will reveal more detailed characteristics of this game for PC before its release. After all, it will be interesting to compare NVIDIA and AMD 1440p and 4K requirements for Starfield.

Bethesda will release Starfield September 6. You can also find the minimum and recommended system requirements of the game for PC here.

Thanks to AMD, for us, gamers, this is a very representative, important and desired table (no), because the vast majority of gamers are sitting on assemblies from AMD CPU+AMD GPU (no).
Okay, partnership with red at the gazebo, Okay, this is in the order of things, but what kind of exclusivity in the banal publication of system requirements.

Do not forget that if it goes to the AMD, then it will definitely go to Intel Invidia without any problems, in general there are no rays in the game, because the game should go on all vidiakhs 30, 40 of the series is excellent in its category of permissions of course, well, the priests intelligence amidey because Everything there will be norms, if only the greens put on the game with its rays, then the game would lag on all pieces of iron except 4090, and even then only with the frames generation

By the way, the statistics of the Steam according to iron are not an indicator that these pieces of iron buy games, since if they do not have money for new iron, they obviously do not buy games, especially since many games are not going normally on their gland, this indicates that that all these weak Vidyakhs and Protzes simply use weak games in Steam and do not buy powerful games, but powerful games are what are time and buy these small percentages of users, they would make statistics better with what iron they buy good iron, it was more clear

This is all cool, cool and beautiful, but I’m talking about what I just see for the first time that SIS.The requirements were laid out separately, only because AMD in partnership with the gazebo.

These systems are not from developments, this is simply AMD on their website advertises pieces of iron for this game since they optimize and are partners, the systems of the systems will lay out the expanses themselves later, and these currents as advertising AMD on the AMD website, nothing more

Data on what is necessary for iron comes from the developers themselves and testers. And I really doubt that they already have data for AMD, but for Intel and Nvidia there is no. So, as I already said, there is just some strange exclusivity in the publication of SIS.requirements. And advertising is already in turn, this is clear.

Even here, they try to earn and fall new products on fools.

. Bad 1060 (3) even better

Thanks to AMD for showing the real face of a green camp, just like the Soniboi rushed today from buying Mikes

And what is the face of a green camp? Type – indignant from the products of the Reds due to its time, when without a dance with a tambourine, you will not achieve anything adequate from their iron of vaapchei (hello to you passes the AMD FX, which should be driven) until they released your Zen, which I now are now And I’m sitting.

Well, vidyuhi? There were enough brains to copy the schematic technology of blue stones, but with the vidyuhs – not? How much they beat with their vidyuhi and the situation is only worse and worse, and okay the price tag would be akin to the prices of prots in comparison with the intals, when Zen2 2700x cost 30k, while its analogue is from an intel – all 60k+ the difference is sensible?

Now the situation with the Vidyuhi from the AMD and is not close to the situation described by me above. Its top vidyuhi both were feces both in performance and circuitry with their cutting tires, fecal cooling and dead performance against the background of the Nvids, so the video market amide and remained fufle, but prices?
I watch at 3060 videos 10GB and tire 192 – 48k rubles.
and RX7600 with 8GB video and tire of 128 – 42k rubles.

Based on the characteristics and other ammeuenic problems, the card from AMD is required to be offered 30 maximum, and it costs 6k less outside.

So there is no need to stem here on the theme of the green camp, because the situation is not with fanaticism but 100 feces from the Reds. At one time, I began to get acquainted with the PC market just with AMD products and even then ATI, how many cards I did not have from ATI \ AMD – everyone was problematic and glow. Protches only with the release of Zen architecture became not a full bottom.