The Witcher 4 and Cyberpunk 2 are at different stages of development at CD Projekt Red

New interview published by Gamesindustry.Biz, reveals something about CD Projekt Red, in particular, about a new internal organization that performs various projects at the same time, including The Witcher 4, Cyberpunk 2 and other games at different development levels.

The idea expressed by the communications manager Mikhal Platov-Gilevsky is to try to distribute the work more organizedly and to avoid the penny as much as possible, allowing you to more effectively plan releases in the near future.

“All these projects are at different stages,” says Platkov-Gilevsky. “We are not trying to do everything together at the same time, because it will require much more work”.

The huge scale of the upcoming games of the CDPR-five games plus two spin-offs in other studios-would make work on a permanent basis even on a half of this list almost impossible, and gibberish scarves say that at present the main attention is paid to longer projects.

“We are thinking about strategy for years to come. We really care about our IP, we want to develop them, we want to create games based on them. But we also want to be sure that we are still concentrated. We have many discussions, for example, “which is most important now? Where do we want to move? What do we want to achieve?”

Gillevsky’s scarves also says that talking about the correct planning and prevention of overwork “Really useful“, Noting that, although CDPR would be easy to overdo it,”We constantly check and talk, and we think that we know what to do“.

The first in the list of the company is Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty. The expansion is launched in September, and it seems that then the company will go to The Witcher 4. This game is not expected before 2025, but two continuations declared as part of the new trilogy should appear six years after launch. The continuation of Cyberpunk seems to be somewhere at this time, but CDPR says that by the end of this year, preparation for production is unlikely to begin. After that, the Project Hadar, original intellectual property, but the CDPR for the last time stated that it is on “the earliest stage»Ideas and that the actual development of the game has not yet begun.