Screenshots and several details of the mysterious South of Midnight

Despite the fact that the first presentation trailer does not clarify the situation, being, in fact, interludia, South of Midnight is an adventure action from a third person, characterized by a special setting that resembles the south of the United States, with reference to the folk traditions of some areas.

The game takes place in an alternative version of the modern world, but the scenarios are mainly rural, located quite far from large urban areas, where a sense of magic and danger can still lurk among almost untouched nature and mysterious places.

The plot and situation draw inspiration in magical realism and South Gothic as literary genres, explain in Compulsion, from the works of William Folkner to the historical events of the Civil War, the Great Depression and more modern oddities.

The main character of the story is Hazel, a young woman with a mission who leaves her (fictional) hometown of Prospero to take part in a large adventure. She is a complex character suffering from problem relations with her mother and other important figures, but retaining sarcasm and humorous approach to things.

Heisel is able to use magic with weaving – a spell that can be seen at the end of the presentation trailer: this is a kind of standard interaction for the main character, acting both in battle and in scenarios. This is an innate ability to change "The fabric of reality", What makes it possible to fence not only to fight monsters with the help of this magic, but also to eliminate damage and problems that occur in the world.

All creatures and monsters faced by the main character in South of Midnight are inspired by the mythology of the South of the United States, with an admixture of European and Caribbean legends in the form of Creole mythology. The same "Shakin Bones", Which we see in a teaser trailer is an archon, a character who should have a certain meaning in the plot, inspired by the legend of Robert Johnson.

The creation of a world based on a special atmosphere also contributes to the choice of musical accompaniment, which has a lot in common with the territories under consideration, and, of course, a graphic style resembling the visual language of local traditions, also inspired by animation.