Persona 3 remake will receive an official translation into Russian

This will be the first game of the series that will receive an official translation into English, though only textual.

Information about this appeared on the official website of the Sega Asia where the list of upcoming projects of the company was presented, as well as the localizations that will be present in them.

Persona 3 Reload will be released at the beginning of 2024 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC via Steam. If you want to see more, you can enjoy the first trailer.

In addition, Atelus also works on a completely new fantasy game called MetaPhor Refantazio, which will also be released in 2024 and was announced only for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC, except for the inevitable leaks that persistently hint at the version for PS5 and PS4.

There is even Turkish. Not like an indie studio that makes Starfield

But this is really unexpected and pleasant, it will be the first person with an official translation, even at a time when other translation is cut out.

Suddenly and pleasant.
There is an amateur translation of p5 piano is just around the corner.
It will be possible to smell the persons of the most not pamper, especially since I have not played any person yet, I would like to check out for which everything praised it so much.

I started and continue in the fifth, and from all my great experience, it is certainly unique in many aspects, it is able to touch, but, of course, the beauty in the eyes of the watching. And I also found it to see there), there is a certain attractiveness, I experienced the same in Catherine, there are very touching moments for me who fall into the very soul, generally look for your own) (and this is said by the one who is not interested in at all in "graphic aspect", but he believes that the main thing is that it is well handed enough, fit and t.D.)

In the fifth now, in fact, you can play with a English translation (the other day from the Mogeters a new version came out). There only "Royal" content is not translated. You can put some online translator from the type of type "Christmas trees" and receive a industrial translation from English in real time right on the screen by pressing a button, well, this is in case of a collision with non -transmitted content.

The fifth part also has as many as two continuations of the main plot. Separate games. One slasher has already come out for a long time, and the other step -by -step tactics is released in 2024. Person 5 A huge game consisting of several separate games in fact.

It seems to me that such games as a character is a great way to make the anime of those people who never loved the anime and made strange grimas from the mention of the word "anime". Character ingenious series of games.

I went through Yakuza Zero. And what is a Christmas tree?

Screen translator. You highlight the text zone, he translates it without turning the game

Evona how. And I downloaded online translator on the phone. You bring a vest on the screen and he translates subtitles online. Just not convenient. I have to watch through the phone camera.

very strange. what is it with now? in Yakudze Issin, the fifth person was not a translation. From the company of heroes 3, too, which is generally strange. And now in the New Yakudze and in the person there will already be.

The crisis is deepening, there is less money, they are looking for any opportunity to get income. This T -shirts can still afford to get out. Smallest company – no longer. Hence the shaft of new translations from those who had not previously bothering at all – birdhouses, Ninka, Sega.

Before going out, they will cut it out

If only you

This turn.

Well Sega, unlike Microsoft, a very rich campaign, are those forms of those who are not able to translation for all countries.

Alilaya! Really survived, the official translation of the game of the Persona series in English.

I hope that this approach will become the standard for other games and series that have not yet had English -speaking versions.

Will. Eat to everyone hunting.

Eye toy. This is the custom. Respect!

Really nifigovable fit

Excellent, Japanese game developers began to translate. Let it be more, and the West would be faster to go.

I don’t know, Western/European games come in the atmosphere for me. Everything is somehow more serious there. Asian also there are norms, the same Final Fantasy (namely the last parts with remakes), but these are such "Cartoon" like persona – they don’t reach me at all. To each his own, my opinion, do not be

They make the same games, no seriousness, and Twitter presses them, so you don’t have to wait for good material.

This is really good news.

Well, yes, well, yes, in Starfield it was also written about localization, they cut it out in fact)

It would be better if they made a port for a switch, otherwise there are two previous ones, but the third is not planned, as I look. Although, given that it will be made on the wretched Angrial Ezhin, it becomes clear why there will be no port.

LLC is cool. And someone is rushing the fourth?

So the release of UK for this year is aimed

Norm. I wish the remake was the first to be translated.

This is good news)

I do not believe. this is a dream? This is a parallel universe?

But there will be no half of the content))

Halfs are how much, selected ****** th The Answer? Plus, the developers have already stated that some content from the FES version will be in a remake. The only big loss is a female protagonist, it is really a shame

In a month, they will correct this egregious fact

It feels like a jack of developments is thrown a coin, they say an eagle – translate, tail – no, otherwise I xs how to explain such a scatter of localization, even within the same series (the same Yakuza or the final line)

Thanks of course, but I have a tradition to pass the peson in English.

Well, congratulations! Maybe.

What is your uncertainty?

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