To modify Half-Life: Alyx novr, an update was released that makes improvements to the animation

The Half-Life fashion development team: Alyx Novr has just released a new update that brought several remarkable animation improvements to the mod. It includes animations for the hands, hands and weapons Alix. Do not forget that this is only the beginning.

In Animation Update #1, you will find non-vr animations for shooting, inaction, reloading and cleaning all weapons and grenades into the holster. Hands and brushes Alix are also animated. In addition, a special button for examining objects and an improved flashlight appeared. Read the full notes to the patch below:

  • Animated hands and brushes Alix
  • Animation of shooting, downtime, reloading and holster for all weapons and grenades
  • Improvements for all weapons that can be visually seen at every improvement
  • Changes to Combine Fabricator for more convenient use by the player
  • Improvement of the reflex sight, emphasizing the weaknesses of the enemy
  • Special inspection button
  • Additional toner puzzles added along the game
  • Improved flashlight
  • Updated HUD with 3 animated hearts (inaccessible on Steam Deck)
  • Corresponding in conflicts with Jeff and strider to improve the smoothness of the gameplay
  • Other errors and updating corrections throughout the game
  • Multi -tool (can be equipped and animated, but currently does not function)

Watch the renewal update trailer below:

This update does not apply to animations that do not affect the gameplay. So, do not expect to see Alix’s hand laid at the health station upon receipt of first aid. Good news is that the team plans to add them in the following updates.

Well done! They saw and grind. Directly the carpentry workshop!

Check out the animation of the hands that this modern makes:

Today is the best option, but it is a pity that his work is promoting.I’m slowly.

And which mod is better, if I still decide to go through no vr?) This or which you threw off in the video?

Unfortunately, this one is not ready in the video.
And so, definitely from everything that is the best.
Therefore, in order not to spoil his impression, I did not pass on others, but I wait for him)

I looked at how it is played without a helmet, it’s not cool, but still it is constantly felt not that, I put on an okulus 3 and such a high

Clear business. But this is for those who do it for themselves yet, but playing their hands itch. Personally, I’ll wait until I buy a helmet.

Now the new Quest 2 on Avito can be easily found in 30k. BO and so cheaper. Quest 3 – Yes, the price tag is already twice as much, but this is already the apparatus for the long -term at the price of the average Vidyakha. As for me, this game is not in VR – blasphemy. Better on YouTube her "run", than in such castrated variation, where the complexity is designed precisely for VR (slow enemies/a bunch of shelters and the general slowly of the gameplay)

P.S. VR is not the current of the game. You can’t even imagine how cool it is to watch films in it. No TV or projector can compare. And working in it is also cool, creating several healthy virtual monitors.

For you it can be 30 thousand and cheap and I can’t buy a wall to the kitchen for 3 years now, but it costs the same because it takes one money for another.

I would give up to 3, the difference between a deuce sky and earth

30 to the sake of one game?

You know, when I passed without VR, but with manual reloading weapons I all the same new expirins from such a game. When life depended not only on the ability to accurately shoot, but also quickly reload.

Handsome guys do the right thing!

The game can be completely gone?

Yes, normal, about this I was waiting, now it is felt that you are playing and shooting, for a person and not the ghost of the ethereal, you can already go calmly, who really wanted.

It is strange why Velve did not release the version of troubles BP could earn on this

The game has a lot of puzzles, as well as level design, taking into account spatial manipulations, how can you put the cursor into a box or draw a charge through rings in space with a mouse ?

As usual, with a clamp of the mouse, I do not see problems here

Half Life Alyx has a mini -head, in fact there are several, but let’s say, mine clearance, in this puzzle it is necessary to draw a ball through the rings in space for speed (otherwise explosion), I remind you, rings and ball in three -dimensional space.

How to realize this with the mouse, having only two degrees of freedom ? When, as a controller in BP, it has 6 degrees of freedom, and it is not connected with the head, which also has 6 degrees of freedom, oh yes, we do not forget about the second controller, with the same 6 degrees of freedom.

usually. Another 2 -degree of freedom adds to you by the body when walking – forward/ left to the right (just at this time you need to try to feel, without moving, then the object in the hand also moves forward/ back and on the sides in it). And that another freedom of Pitch (tilting of the head) is essentially not required here.

In one of the very first attempts by Novr mods, there was such a mechanism, and I calmly (when I practice of course) passed these puzzles

First, the majority of puzzles have been disabled in Novr mods.
Secondly, let’s see again, so let’s look at the puzzle.

It is necessary to draw a ball through the rings in the space of a dozen cm.
There are immediately problems here, one of them is the inability to assess the distance to the object on a flat screen, t.e. Even on this gif is not very clear which rings are closer to the player, and which are next, but suppose this can be corrected by the size of the rings and a more clear guide.
Another important and unpleasant moment is due to the fact that the ball must be moved directly through the axes, you do not need to turn the ball around the axles.
The mouse cannot help us in this regard, since, firstly, the two degrees of freedom of the mouse are tied not to move according to the coordinates, but to rotation around the axes.
T.e. If we run into the ball with a camera, fix the ball with the mouse, then the ball is connected by the radiation system of the coordinate with the camera, t.e. In the normal position, it is at the same distance from the player, you can change the position along the axis by the mouse wheel.

And now we take mathematics, and we compare, we have six degrees of freedom X, Y, Z associated with the beginning of the coordinate on a mine, it is necessary to move the ball in these axles
What does the VP controller give us – XCN, YCN, ZCN tied to the room, which in turn also for these three axes + f for rotation is associated with the level.
T.e. The desired x, y, z for solving puzzles equal to the controller XCN, YCN and ZCN, everything is easily stuck.
Now the mouse, we have a radial coordinate system, t.e. We have an axis L, directed at the center of the camera, and γ, φ for rotation.
We turn on the theoremes and understand that in order to solve our problem, it is necessary to trigonometrically translate angular movements from one unrelated axis of the coordinates to another, t.e. The problem is solved, but how quickly a person can solve it, because each movement of the mouse will be accompanied by the fact that the ball relative to the rings will be moved away, and it is necessary to actively compensate for the distance with each mouse by each mouse, in fact, such equations must be solved by muscle memory, which already mildly resembles Trying to pass DS on the guitar.