There will be no open world in the domestic shooter, but players are waiting for huge locations

The promising network shooter Pioner, created by the English studio GFA Games, recently acquired a spectacular gameplay trailer. The developers first showed a diverse post -apocalyptic world of the game and its characters. The Pioner release is still scheduled for 2023 without the exact release date, but the authors of the project are ready to tell more interesting details about the game.

As noted in the GFA Games studio, there will be no familiar open world in their project, but the world of Pioner will be large -scale and diverse. According to the developers, the world of the shooter is separated by large regions, the size of some areas will reach 10 km². Locations will differ from each other, both from a visual point of view and content inside the regions. At the moment, the studio has finished working on already 5 large settlements with its unique design and population. In these cities, quests and events are now deployed that will hold players in different zones.

Also in the studio GFA Games shared other details of the game:

  • The duration of the soundtrack will soon exceed the mark of 2 hours. The Ansia Orchestra team is responsible for the main topic of the game.
  • GFA Games over the past year has doubled its staff developers from seven different countries.
  • Developers do not chase the size of the game world or scale – the priority of interesting activity.
  • "Blue tide" – This is an energy release from the station. Take research is an important plot theme Pioner.
  • The world’s progression is largely associated with the promotion of expeditions deep into the island. The player has to visit the role of a pioneer repeatedly.
  • The death and revival of your character have a substantiation in the game and are accompanied by a unique game mechanics.
  • In each PVE oriented region there is the so -called "The initiative quest" – An important plot task or a line of tasks, the passage of which can affect the situation in the region or change the balance of power.
  • For single players and Pati who want to immerse deeply in PVE and plot activity, there is a special functionality that brings the feeling from the game to a single or cooperative adventure.

Pioner is created on Unreal Engine 4 for PC. The shooter’s estimated release is scheduled for this year.