The teaser is presented and the release date is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Activision officially confirmed the release date of Call of Duty, Modern Warfare III. After several months of leaks and speculation, the community desperately needed real news, and now they have appeared.

For the first time, Modern Warfare 3 leaked back in May 2023, with approximate release windows, as well as with the integration of Warzone and the disclosure of events. Since then, Activision has remained very silent, but today, August 7, everything finally became official, since the company announced that Modern Warfare is the upcoming COD game, and also presented the teaser and release date.

After several months of rumors, Activision finally confirmed that Modern Warfare 3 will be launched on Friday, November 10, in accordance with the usual release window in early November, to which COD players have been so accustomed to over the past two decades.

The logo also stylistically combines the Modern Warfare logo (2019.) and Modern Warfare 2 (2022.) using Roman numbers to designate “3”, although this time red instead of blue, used in MWII.

Drenches claim that the Modern Warfare III opening event will take place in the game in Warzone on Thursday, August 17, so you will not have to wait long before we learn more about the new game and what to expect from COD 2023.

On the eve of the new game, Call of Duty, finally, is gaining momentum, so in the next few weeks we should expect a huge stream of content, leaks and official ads.

Another DLC for Full Price

I will buy like the previous MW

I am the same XYYNY

And why is there so much noise around this string, which was supposed to be only a paid addition to MW22.

Because all the best militari shooters with the plot campaign? Battlefield was fluid several times in a row at that time, COD was able to give out excellent MW I-III, Black Ops Cold War. Although, of course, there was such a Vanguard for himself, but in BF 1 norms, V are, and 2042 is still the failure that they have been trying to stretch out of the pit for two years.

And there are no other competitors ¯ \ _ (ツ) _/¯

So he will have in the form of DLS according to the new system

Seriously. Better. No, no, stop the planet, I’ll go away!

Well, you can not play feces.

Well, listen, I would not call the MILITARI-Shuther the same MW22, given what bacchanalia is happening there in terms of cosmetics (this is about the general atmosphere), compared with the ideal MW19 in this regard, where the main emphasis was placed on Mil-Sim, and flickered from time to time "clownery", And then very restrained. And I’m not talking about the sorcerer in general, but about this "MW3", Although in fact it is mw2.1., What almost all insiders are talking about. The plus, the MW22 should have remakes of cards from the original MW2, which we were thyzeri long before the release, and we have the fifth season in our yard, and the game does not have a single card from MW2, although the terminal, Hairiz, Afghan, Quori, and Storm Puffing on al-Mazra. All because they were first clamped as a Selling Point for a paid addition to the MW22, and then they decided to roll out this addition as a full license plate of the series, and push these cards there. Plus, they have already confirmed that all of the MW22 content will move to MW23, t.e. All paid sets, trunks and operatives, and I have vague doubts about how much original content will offer us "MW3"? It is not clear what will happen to the campaign, because initially a short campaign in the spirit of the raid was planned for the DLC, and specifically for the sake of these purposes, raids were cut out of the game from the game. Well, that is, doubts and questions I have a lot, but definitely I can say only one thing – 70 bucks are definitely not worth. For 70 bucks, this is a fierce bench. In the game, there are three varieties of the Battle of Passes, one of which costs 30 bucks and is bought exclusively for real, plus the elements of Pay2win (the last skin on GOST, Dark Rituals 3, pay attention to the heat of this set), and then there is also such Strike for 70 bucks will be sold.

By the way, in my opinion, BFV is currently the best part of the series. I say this as a person who plays this series with BC2. The game has an excellent mulm with the ability to reduce the damage from the fall by somersault, the opportunity to lie on your back and crawl like this and t.d, the best shooting for the entire series, the system of squadstriks, fortifications, excellent optimization, beautiful cards (although a considerable part of them suffers from BF1 disease). In the game, I personally have one problem by all – there is no atmosphere of the Second World War. in everything else, I believe that this is the best part of the series in terms of gameplay.

In the form of DLS will now be

As it was a hat, it remains

Very substantial teaser. I learned a lot of new things.

In general, of course, Bobby is a cat genius. This is brilliant marketing – to say that DLC is no longer DLC, but a full -fledged game and pushing this idea into the minds of people in every possible way, so that you will then sell for full -price all the same DLC.