The multiplayer shooter about the Second World War United 1944 came out in early access

The Spanish developer of Novarama announced the launch of the United 1944 in early access, his innovative multiplayer shooter in the first person, which takes place in the Second World War. Having gained wide recognition in several public beta versions, United 1944 is a unique combination of a shooter, strategy and survival that revives this cruel moment in the history of mankind.

United 1944 is a rich multiplayer first -person shooter, which simultaneously draws and enjoys, offering two game modes, three large cards, more than 20 types of weapons and more than 40 skills. Players may plunge into the fury of the largest battles of World War II, extending from French rural areas and North Africa to the day of D in France, while taking part in classical battles 16 to 16! Whether you collect resources, protect the avantists, strengthen the bases, create your equipment or just fight the enemy to the last, there is something to do here, and the battles are based on a realistic, but exciting gameplay.

In addition to the classical dominance regime, players will also be able to switch to the unique “survival” regime based on extraction, where everyone is enemy, and survival is far from guaranteed. Look for resources, explore the city and create impromptu bases anywhere, fighting for survival. Build, raid, kill, steal, collect garbage and destroy everything you need to survive. Play as much as you want, try to stay on your feet and get as many production as possible.

This content is only the beginning, and already in this month and early 2024, much more will appear in United 1944, since the Novarama developers team shared a road map of what will happen in the future, including a new weapon, a map of the Soviet city, new skills, gaming systems , updating the game mode and much more.