The fourth diary of the developers Anvil Empires talks about aqueducts, channels and energy

The developers of Siege Camp, the creators of Foxhole, presented the fourth diary of the development of MMO strategy in the medieval setting Anvil Empires, which is dedicated to acceduations, channels and energy.

Aquedies and channels

Water infrastructure is used to transport water from rivers and seas to other points of the world. This can be useful for various purposes, for example, for supplying agriculture water, but can also be used to generate electricity, which can be used in the process of blacksmithing.

There are two types of structures to create water infrastructure. The first is aqueducts that are used to move large volumes of water between sources and settlements. The second are channels that are used to distribute water inside the settlement. Aqueducts have great bandwidth and can be built anywhere in the world, while channels have less bandwidth and can only be used at the local level. An additional advantage of channels is their dynamic scalability, so they are ideal for placement between structures inside the settlement.

One of the goals of Anvil is to make the gameplay as tactile and organic as possible. For this, the movement of water is based on gravity, which means that the placement of aquates and channels largely depends on the topology of the landscape. Water moves down the slope, which means that hills and mountains will be a natural factor in determining the perfect places for settlements. A lot of work was done to do the behavior of water intuitively understandable when passing through aqueducts and channels, even if it is an approximation to reality, and not a completely accurate physical simulation.

Construction of a workshop with electric drive

Although water wheels will be the only way to drive such equipment, in the future, players will be able to build other infrastructures to obtain energy that will have their own advantages and compromises. The ultimate goal is that energy is supplied from different types of sources, depending on what is optimal for the geography of the settlement.

Advanced blacksmithing

In the previous development diary, it was described about the basics of blacksmithing. Forging a blade for a weapon or tool will initially be a slow and manual process. In the presence of infrastructure and appropriate equipment, this process can be parallelized and significantly accelerated. Using the energy of water, you can improve the forging process and achieve a higher quality of blades.

In this process, two energy structures will be involved. The first is a hammer. When the hammer is connected to the anvil and the source of energy, it will automatically clog metal ingots, instead of the player performs this action manually.

The second is a bell tower. When the bell tower is attached to the forge, it not only heats the ingots much faster, but also allows the ingots to reach higher temperatures necessary to obtain high quality blades.