The authors of Mortal Kombat 1 are selling Halloween fatalities and players are not enthusiastic about it: “They want to kill the game as soon as possible?”

Mortal Kombat community has another reason for dissatisfaction with Mortal Kombat 1 Game from Netherrealm after the publisher of Warner Bros. Games confirmed plans for the sale of special seasonal fatals.

Fatalii are the world -famous finals of matches Mortal Kombat. Therefore, when in obscure intra -game notes to the patch there was a mention that Premium Store has been added "Halloween Fataliy", The players reacted to this with a mixture of shock and horror.

This step is not unprecedented – in 2011, Mortal Kombat sold Klassic Fatality Packs sets. But this is already a distant past, and, of course, the news about the premium mortal kombat 1 premium-fatals did not prevent a violent reaction in a community that did not fail to note that Mortal Kombat 1 costs 70 dollars for a full version. Some even all dollars for Premium Edition.

Reddit member called paid fatalics "absurd". "I understand the idea of ​​costumes in Premium Store, but paid Fatality is already too much", – he said. "Is NRS trying to kill the game until 2024?".

"People should vote with their wallets and not buy it, otherwise it will create a very bad precedent", – warned Fistopuncherelli. "Wow, I was already upset by a costumes store in the game at full price, and then fatalities?" – He said GetrealPrimrose. "This finally approved me in the decision not to buy a game". "See how they dealt with our franchise", – Added BMC558. "We all live in time Shang Tsung? Dafuq – what kind of vile crap. " – said Omfgitsvico.

In a separate topic, Mortal Kombat Kanj0bazooie called Mortal Kombat 1 monetization "vile". ". This new fataliti will cost 500 [Dragon crystals, premium valus MK1], because God died, and Satan decided that we should buy fatalities. If we assume that you bought only these premium letters, it will be 4,100 dragon crystals, or about $ 41! For three skin, dictator and fatalics. By the way, we play this game a little more than a month".

Since the launch of Mortal Kombat 1 has been attacked for aggressive monetization, and the impending premium fatalics has become a lightning rod for angry comments about the Warner Bros approach. Games to microtransactions. "They relate to this as if this is a free game", – continues Kanj0bazooie. "These are literally prices for objects in Fortnite. Except that I can play Fortnite for free and I did not have to lay out 130 bucks (I bought a deluxe publication). This crap causes bewilderment and kills interest in the franchise, which is one of the five of my favorite games of all time". Sorry for the rudeness, I just really don’t like this aspect of the game".

Now the Mortal Kombat community is waiting for the price of Warner Bros. Games will appoint a seasonal fatalics for this. Given that it will be sold in the Premium Store store, it is expected that players will always have access to it, and not only in the last season.