The author Deltarune shared information about the development of the third chapter

Deltarune, associated with Undertale, had a long development cycle and, to put it mildly, an intriguing output schedule. Its first chapter was published in 2018, almost five years ago, followed by the second chapter (out of five common parts) in about three years, in 2021. Since then, Toby Fox and his team plunged into work on the remaining three parts of the game, planning to release them with a single package, and in the recently sent information letter Fox provided additional information on how the development is being promoted.

According to Fox, although some members of the developer team began to work on the subsequent chapters of Deltarune, the main attention of the team is still concentrated on the 3rd chapter, the development of which seems to be a good pace, and the work is currently concentrated on the above-ground world. Fox says that the 3rd chapter was difficult to develop, and that the 4th chapter should be relatively simpler.

Like last time, we focused on chapter 3. However, several people work on parts of subsequent chapters such as bullet patterns or puzzles. As for Chapter 3, we finally create the final area over the world. You can think about it as about "Queen’s castle" or "Card castle", But only for this chapter. After that, the chapter will finally be playable until the end. (Funny fact: I composed a song for this area in 2016. ) This chapter consists of many different parts. Therefore, it was difficult to understand how exactly everything works out. Now, when everything has cleared up, I just need to ride throughout the game with a steam rink and mix all the bumps. Perhaps something will need to be added, fix something or remove something. But many parts are already quite polished, so everything will not be so bad. As you already understood, this chapter turned out to be quite strange. I basically focused on the unusual elements of gameplay, and the plot is not too loaded. Since she is so frivolous, I am a little shy about this. but at least I managed to try something else!

"In any case, chapter 4 will be more standard!"

The first two chapters of Deltarune are currently available on PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.