The actor from GTA 5 gives advice to GTA 6 actors: “Most importantly, remember that the fans are the game. Not us, not Rockstar, but fans “

The actor who voiced Michael de Santa in GTA 5 gave advice to GTA 6 actors, urging them to enjoy their "15 minutes of fame" and maximize the enthusiasm of the fandom.

In an interview with IGN, Ned Luke asked what he would advise actors playing the role of the main characters GTA 6 Lucia and Jason. Although not one of the actors has yet been represented, Luke advised them "Prepare" To the wave of attention that falls on them, especially now, when the characters of the video game can look so realistic compared to their actors.

"I don’t know if they imagine that they are waiting for them", – Luke said, noting that although three characters GTA 5 are similar to their actors, "the graphics of these characters are much better". According to Luke, this means that Lucia and Jason "will look exactly the same", Like the actors playing them, "So they will be more recognizable than we".

Such realism, combined with how social networks have developed over the decade that has passed since the GTA 5 exit, means that Luke believes that the GTA 6 will become an important event for new actors. In this regard, he gives one very specific advice, which, according to him, is the same that he said ten years ago: "Enjoy your 15 minutes as long as possible. These 15 minutes can last ten years, as ours, but enjoy these 15 minutes as long as possible, because it is a rare thing".

The hatch also discusses the importance of the support on the fanbase, saying that "They need to remember that the most important thing is that the fans are the game. Not us, not Rockstar, but fans are a game. It is they who make it, it is they who earn billions of dollars for Rockstar. This is my biggest advice – value fans. And when someone comes up and calls you Lucia or Jason, you will not say: "No, no, no, it’s not me, he is a caricature"."

The last phrase is a rather accurate link to actor Trevor Stephen Ogga, who tried to distance himself from his character, unlike two other members of the GTA 5 Trio 5. However, regardless of the position of OGGA, it is interesting to hear how Luke speaks of the need to put the community in the first place, especially when the GTA 6 is still so far from the release of GTA. We are unlikely to find out who will portray Lucia and Jason for some time, but it will be interesting to see how Rockstar decides to inform fans until 2025.