Star Wars: Outlaws will show space battles with “much larger ships”

Outlaws is not only the first game of the Star Wars universe with the open world, but also the unhindered flight of the Earth-Cosmos, so you can fight on your small ship with pirates and imperial SID fighters. However, if you are ambitious, the creative director Julian Gerity reported much larger space battles.

“The world is open to you, we are trying to make you always distracted by little things,” Gerity said in an interview with IGN. “The ship can fly over your head – you can follow it to the place where it will land, see if there is an adventure [. ], and then there is space. This is another border that we wanted to easily destroy. Jump on your ship, go to the atmosphere, explore the orbit, participate in shootings, from small air battles to the destruction of much larger ships ”.

We saw a glimpse of what we may fight with the cinematic trailer of the world premiere Summer Game Fest. It begins with the fact that the giant ships of the rebels are crumbling over the planets, the SID fighters from time to time attack the indicated ships, and the star destroyer jumps through the Hyperproduction on the battlefield.

We have not yet seen large cosmic battles, but in the analysis of the Ubisoft Forward gameplay, we saw Kay Ves. It is very similar to Star Wars: Battlefront 2 from Dice, with a strikingly similar user interface and third -party view. You can dodge attacks and aim at enemy ships with a red square, shooting lasers to try to disable them. It is doubtful that just shooting at star destroyers will give something, therefore, there will probably be more complex ways of destroying them. We cannot just force him to the planet herself by force – this time we are smugglers.

When you finish air battles or just want to run away quickly, you can download a hypersistan and go to another solar system. We also saw this in action using the classic visual effects of “Star Wars”.