Star Citizen players first tried aircraft gameplay, and this

One of the elements that make Star Citizen attractive to fans of science fiction is the interaction of spacecraft and vehicles with each other. You can use large ships to transport smaller ones, as well as physically and smoothly move between them, which creates the possibility of a multi -user gameplay similar to a aircraft carrier.

With the advent of Mirai Fury, at the beginning of this week, players first felt the real taste of this function. While real carriers will appear, but so far they have not yet been implemented, and players could already transport one or even a couple of small fighters on large ships, Mirai Firay is small enough to place somewhat in the largest ships, and it is quite well armed so that it can be located. create a viable shock.

This means that large transports, such as Drake Caterpillar, or refueling with a huge hold, such as MISC Starfarer, can now act as pocket aircraft carriers. In fact, this is quite realistic, since the original aircraft carriers in the real world were mainly converted ships.

This is what the video presented below Hybrid v Audio and Forgotten Heralds (analogue of the Guild in Star Citizen) demonstrates. They not only deploy (in a rather professional manner) their shock forces with Caterpillar and Starfarer, acting as a carrier, but also do this with a full crew, including pilots and even players acting as marshals. This is simply amazing and, of course, demonstrates the potential of this kind of gameplay.

By the way, the Invictus Launch Week event is currently in the game, so you can try it for several days without the need to pay.

Meanwhile, the Star Citizen crowdfunding campaign exceeded $ 575 million ($ 575 783 080 at the moment). The number of registered accounts is 4 608 575.