Rockstar Games updated its site on the eve of the show of the first trailer GTA 6

Rockstar Games updated the design of its site to better adapt it by the time the first trailer for the GTA 6 game is published.

As we know, Rockstar announced that the GTA 6 trailer will appear in December, and the website was accordingly reorganized, accepting a more modern style, which will make it possible to clearly position updates.

Compared to the previous version, now there is a main section with four slots and immediately under it a few rectangular blocks, which include both the image and the title.

System requirements are interesting

I think they will be sky -high. But not the point. The most interested in the review on the online. Without it, this is not gta ☝️

System requirements will be announced to you so after 3)))

Probably at least 3060

Usually now a simple GTA should go out, and after Neck a month is already an online version of it.

Yes, I don’t think about GTA 5 also said that there would be a requirement, but in the end the requirement was more or less, the only thing I remember is that in the 15th year, just when the five came out, I had to buy an old PC to install it, before that I stood before Ancient HDD and there was no place there, but in general I want to also go through the six as in the age of 13 I passed the five on the PS

Just leave here, trailer GTA III

Ways City looks better, probably everyone was packed with boiling water from this trailer, as I am from the trailer GTA 4 at one time

And I fence dumping this picture

better than the original Weiss City Her story) there at least GG swims and does not drown))))

On TGA an announcement will be when yet, if not there. Probably eclipse the choice of the game of the year. Already represent the hype.

I am sure that if there was an opportunity to give the game of the year on the announcements, GTA would take the award by swing)

For you, PC of short slaves, of course, will be sky -high systems. For the developers of the whole story specially created a couple of video cards manufacturers so that you have bought hamsters and new cards)) And so all modern games on Uldra would be played on ancient NVIDIA GTX550 or 650 video cards in the current consoles)) After all, if desired Even re Village was launched on an iPhone)) Although there is little to CAPCOM TNESTIONS because all its games are optimized divinely even by the standards of the PC of slaves.

what kind of bold) it would be true that it would be true – one could burn)

Only now, I personally, I calmly launch all modern games on the GTX 1650 and do not dare, having 50-60 FPS on high.

Hahahaah, God, you have 30 FPS consoles there, and after a huge number of years, the support of 60 FPS appeared in a small number of games, when there were 60 FPS on the PC, in the distant times, but now there could be up to 1000+ FPS , I do not mind the consoles, but yours are indulged*w*P for made me want to let the nuclear on your house to blow up your "console" with GTX 650, and also, as I understand it, some owners of the consoles do not have enough brains to put commas, but there is enough d*phma in their heads to put these iz*thah brackets, I would still put some kind of crine "Emoji" type "😂". Well . I sank to his level by starting to roll him, I am well done. Well, okay)))))) (tell me, I put in the right place the bracket?)

I think the GTA 6 will differ little by gameplay from the GTA 5 will process and finalize the old mechanics that they will remove something superfluous to add, on the schedule, I will not judge the build yet, since this is the whole lick of an unfinished build that is built on the bones of GTA 5. I hope that damage to the cars will be like in GTA 4 I really liked the damage there and I think this is the best feature in GTA 4 which should return and more detailed improved in GTA 6. I would also like to enter any house and there would be characters that would call the police for violation of peace or hacking an apartment. It is unlikely to be this, but I would still like to see this, and so that the system requirement is not high,.

Would return the tasks of a policeman, firefighter, medic

Look forward to)

Resembles the design of the Juan/VIN10

It’s time to update computers anyway

System requirements will be shown after you buy a new PC, because it will not pull on it

It’s time to change the computer😉

you can no longer wait for anything super. those who created masterpieces are no longer working there! Now only the desire to fuck grandmas

Already two or three months "The first trailer will be released this week"))

They make a garbage to themselves, announced trailers forcing people to wait for a project to invent a project, and if he is not like people invented a terrible hat.

The series of the game is so promoted that even if it will "Gomno"(let’s say), the audience will break and will not notice, because the audience is very large, especially adolescents.
They do not give their projects to translate, supposedly that they can be convinced (as if there is no choice of voice acting in the settings), and all this burst and are not indignant 🙂

you look at how 5 sragged, they still can’t get rid of. And this is a second of all GTA for a second.