New videos of Lies of P demonstrate battles and gloomy fantastic world

Lies of P will come out soon, and on the eve of the release of this gloomy and perverted adaptation of the fairy tale about Pinocchio, two new videos for the game appeared on the network. In the first video, which is a deep immersion in the process of creating the game, director Jivon Choi explains how the project appeared.

According to Choy, the developer Round8 Studio wanted to create a game that would equally focus on hostilities and a plot similar to Souls. "In order to leave a vivid impression of our players, we believed that we must provide a no less vivid story that would attract their attention", – He said Choi. "It occurred to me that we should use a well -known story and turn it upside down. I decided to choose "Adventures Pinocchio", because it has many interesting characters and events. But to make our game unique, we completely remade this story, making it gloomy and mysterious. A story based on Krat, a fictional city, affected by a disease of petrification".

This change in the plot of Pinocchio led to the fact that several other characters from the books were rethought, and one of the vivid examples are four black rabbits. In the original story, rabbits are coffiners working for death, but in Lies of P, they are again represented as a group of killers. As for the battle, Choi explained that the studio sought to create a realistic and detailed system of action, which exists along with an in -depth system of character development.

For example, in Lies of P, there is a system of combining weapons, which allows you to create new combinations of weapons with various functions and characteristics. Since Pi is a robotic puppet, it can also replace and improve his mechanical hand to the legion, which, according to Choy, will create "much more dynamic" combat experience. There is also a P-Organ system that allows you to get various skills, which, in fact, gives the players their own growth tree in which you can invest money and build it in accordance with their individual preferences.

As for the complexity that expects players, Choi explained that the studio "I minimized all variables", abandoning the complexity settings system. Instead, there are several difficulty options in Lies of P, and as the strength and skill of players, they will be able to properly regulate the complexity.

The rest of the video contains more detailed information about the artistic direction chosen for the game, which is borrined by the rich and stylized golden eyelid of the Bell Epoque era, but gives this aesthetics a gloomy shade. You can also get a preliminary review of the technologies used to create a game: The game engine supports DLSS from Nividia and Fidelityfx Super Resolution by AMD.

In the second video, you can also get more detailed information about one of the characters you will meet in the game – Sofia. Voiced by Allegra Mardland, Sofia is described as a guide that supplies pi information to help him in his journey. Although Sofia is based on the character of the Blue Fairy from the Tale of Pinocchio, according to Mardland, she has more "angelic" And "Divine" qualities.

Lies of P’s exit is scheduled for 2023 on a PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, and, as announced on Gamescom, it will also be included in the Xbox Game Pass.