More and more players are disappointed in the Diablo 4 pumping system

The campaign in Diablo 4 is extensive, it has a prologue, epilogue and the first franchises in the history of six acts. The player has to go through five different regions in them, trace Lilith, unravel her plans for the sanctuarian and ultimately confront her before she can implement them. The completion of the campaign allows the players to go through the dungeon, which opens the third level of the world, the beginning of Endheim and the source of the current discontent of the community.

Many fans come to the understanding that the progression of the character in Diablo 4 lacks several components. In her current state, she does not bring satisfaction, and the players call the main problems the trees of skills, objects and scaling the world. The path to achieving the maximum level in Diablo 4 constantly reduces the strength of the character due to hard scaling, which streamers and players call the genre for the genre. The levels seem to a large extent cosmetic, and the ongoing hunt for loot to maintain strength, creates a loop of negative feedback.

Diablo 4 skills trees offer a wide variety at the very beginning, but as they continue to gain levels, passwords do not develop these basic abilities in any significant way, and also do not offer a significant increase in attack strength, since certain legends act as the only guide of the viability of the skills. Compared to runes of skills in Diablo 3, many fans believe that a variety of skills in Diablo 4 leaves much to be desired.

Although players report that the scaling of the world becomes better after achieving Endheim, the problem that seems to be related to the system of objects. Unlike previous Diablo Games, Diablo 4 Affixes are used more simplicity, combining several previous stats into attack and protection. Although this allows developers to be easier to balance the game, players believe that this makes objects fundamentally uninteresting, since only a few affixes that are better scaled, such as vulnerability or a chance of a critical blow, are really worth it to farm them.. Ultimately, players hope that Blizzard will pay attention to some of these shortcomings on the eve of the first season.