Lords of the Fallen developers shared military councils

Lords of the Fallen output to the market is getting closer. As the release date approaches, the developers publish more and more details about the game. You probably remember the last words said by the developers that the game is trying to make innovations, for example, to the Soulslike genre. But the news did not end there. HEXWORKS compiled a list of 8 combat advice Lords of the Fallen, which should be followed in order to make life a little easier for all those who decide to start their adventure in the kingdoms of the axiom and Ummacroly.

Make sure you have aimed at the enemy

This may seem like a basic advice for those who are used to playing the games of this genre, but the developers emphasized that it is extremely important that the players are aiming at their opponents. Thus, they will not only be able to have a more clear idea of ​​the situation of enemies, but will also be sure that their attacks (both weapons and spells) are successful, which is very important in such a game as Lords of the Fallen, where even one A blow can mean the difference between life and death.

Use your unique attacks

Lords of the Fallen also has unique attacks available for use during their battles, in addition to using light and heavy strokes. One of these special attacks can be used immediately after evasion, which is very useful for impact on the enemy after evading the previous attack. This attack can be used with different results depending on the weapon used or the previously selected class.

In addition, the use of a two -handed sword may be a good choice if you fight only against one enemy. Finally, another special attack that you must keep in mind is a sprint attack. This attack allows you to reduce the distance between you and your opponent to start a fight with a powerful attack that guarantees you the conservation of an impulse.

The last thing to keep in mind is that this type of attack will cost you a significant amount of endurance, so you will not be able to use it excessively. For this reason, you will have to balance things well and find the right moment and place to spend one of the unique attacks at your disposal to inflict greater damage to your opponents.

Use the environment in your interests

Enemies at Lords of the Fallen will always look for a way to knock you down from the stairs or ledge, so you must try to do the same. By pressing both bumpers on the controller, you can deliver a powerful blow that overtakes enemies and instantly kill them. However, it should be noted that this system can only be used with small enemies, but there is another solution that you can use to eliminate larger enemies. In fact, using your technique of freshness of the soul, you can capture the soul of your enemies and direct it directly into the void in such a way that the enemy will be automatically teleported to this position for instant murder.

Multi -welded attacks

If you were surrounded by enemies or just evaded the attack of a large enemy and, therefore, you have a lot of time for a counterattack, instead of multiple attacks of attack keys, you can use a multi -year attack. This attack, like an attack of a sprint and evasion, changes depending on the type of weapon and class used, but it is almost always the most powerful attack that you can apply, so it is also recommended to use this attack during your adventure.

Violation of the enemy rack

Lords of the Fallen uses a system of racks, therefore, when the stand of enemies is broken, you can perform very powerful visceral attacks that cause great damage to the enemies. The best way to break the enemies rack is to use a charged heavy attack, fend off one of their attacks, or, if they are already on the verge of breaking your stand, you can use a kick.

Do not be afraid to fend off

As a result of what was said in the previous council, the parrying in Lords of the Fallen is very important. Compared to other games of this genre, it is much less obligatory and, therefore, is safer to use. All you need to do is to press the lock button right before the enemy will hit you, so even if you are in the early stages of the game, you can still parry the attack. In addition, the temporary window provided for by the developers is also relatively large, especially if you use the shield.

Be sure to look at Umbrack

The kingdom was undoubtedly a terrible and dangerous place, but it is also dotted with secrets that will bring rewards if you are entrepreneurial enough to explore everything that the game can offer. While in the kingdom of axiom, pay attention to blue lights and use your lamp to illuminate them whenever you see them. The developers conceived these blue lights as a kind of signals that tell you about something that the developers want you to pay attention.

Use your lamp to restore wilted health

The lamp is also capable of exhausting smart energy and restoring the torture charges, but another very useful function is to restore white health, also known as wilted health. This scale of life is charged whenever you parry the attacks, but is completely exhausted as soon as you get a blow. Then use your lamp to suck energy from your enemies before it turns into any real damage.

Lords of the Fallen is released on October 13 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X.