Lies of P received excellent grades from fans who have tried demo version

Lies of P will be available in September 2023, but lovers of Souls-like games already had the opportunity to get it out thanks to demo and get an idea of ​​the premises of the adventure. It is obvious that it is too early to give a complete judgment, but we can say what are the first impressions of the game, and it seems that they are more than positive.

Neowiz published through the X post, which shows the reviews of players who tried the demo version of Lies of P, calculated in points from one to five. In general, players gave very high marks, most on 4 and 5.

More precisely, fans appreciated the sound, interface, graphics, plot/setting, battle, game mechanics, control, handling weapons, strengthening the character and in general the game Lies of P.

From a technical point of view, the graphic interface received from 5/5 (38.9%) and from 4/5 (38.4%). The sound is slightly higher, from 5/5 (52.4%), 4/5 (32%). However, the component that really impressed fans is a graph that demonstrates wonderful 74.7% for 5/5 and 21.9% for 4/5. If we count 2/5 and 1/5 insufficient, then only 3.8% did not estimate the schedule of the deme of p, and 96.6% consider it excellent.

The reaction to history is also excellent: 61.8% for 5/5 and 29% for 4/5. The battle was criticized a little more, but still boasts 23% for 5/5 and 44.3% for 4/5. Game mechanics refers to the least valuable elements, even if this is a very common category, and therefore each player could focus on different details for judgment. In any case, we are talking about 17.7% for 5/5 and 25.6% for 4/5. However, in the control group there is a much more sharp separation: almost a fifth of the votes falls on each assessment. The ability to handle weapons estimated 62.8%, folding 5/5 and 4/5. Instead, the pumping system reaches 74.7% in the first two categories.

Finally, we find a common opinion about the game, which boasts 42.2% for 5/5, 44% for 4/5 and 10% for 3/5.