In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Half-Life series, a fresh update has been released for Half-Life Alyx Novr

A few days ago, Half-Life celebrated its 25th anniversary. Valve prepared for this event a large renewal of the first part of the series. However, the modders decided to celebrate the anniversary. The GB_2 developer team has released a new version of the Half-Life Alyx Novr modification, which allows you to play Half-Life: Alyx without VR.

Instead of the number, the new version is simply called "Update to the 25th anniversary of the series". The authors added more opportunities for interactivity, updated physics and improved some animations based on community reviews (in the near future some more changes in this kind will be made).

Mod is respected, but for me personally, nevertheless, after Viara, it’s no longer.

I agree, HL Alyx is completely sharpened under the entertainment of jamming with your hands, the mouse will not be very much)

It’s like playing tennis on a computer instead of Real Madrid, but that he does not have BP is a clear thing, for this in stores they sell BP so that it is BP))))

But what to do who does not have this of your cool Viara. But play the version of no vr. I just passed the impressions of just crazy :-))) everything is fine, the graphics are at a height (there are bugs but they are not significant) came the game as a fan is just excellent and who said that the mouse was not very good? Everything there is even very! Many thanks to those who tried to cut the version of no vr you are just well done. No wonder they tried to thank those who completely voiced the game -gamesvoice you are super. I recommend it to everyone, this game, do not be afraid, everything is done normally, I advise you to download the unpacked version there the game is already tuned and debugged how I downloaded it right away and launched it

And what to do with those who do not have a PC? And what to do with those who do not have a car? And what to do with those who do not have at home? what a dumb question is, if not buy and will

And the mod is already quite playable? It is worth trying at all?

Mod, how long I playable for 4 times I will go through, with each update it is everything better.

Please tell me, not a gamepad can be played? or this mod only under the claw mouse?

Three times passed without VR and then English voice acting comes out, so play without VR and with English voice acting will be super. I played if that in Steam version

On torrents from the release of voice acting, every update in the full English version comes out just downloaded and play without dancing with a tambourine. I advise you to download the unpacked version there the game is already tuned and debugged as I downloaded it right away and launched.

Only under Klavamysh, alas, but in future versions they promised to screw.

The following year 20 years HL2. You also have to wait for patches

And what do you want to see there? And judging by the stimulus, then HL2 is already updated, only episodes 1 and 2 were updated last time last year.

And when another normal mod comes out, with normal animations?

Tomorrow, I will do it specifically for you

I wish I would use the VP video (I have BP with Android) and my hands are in this fashion, since there is no kotrollers on the Android VP – they do not read it – but the gamepad 360 or the clan mouse is quite suitable!

The same quest2 right now $ 250 costs. Three AAA games.

Ray Tracing was not brought?

The whole point of this game is that it is for VR, and this function is removed from it 🗿

for me the 1st cult, and the second is like no associations and memories

I don’t understand what everyone is worn with this garbage!? Yes, probably at one time was not a bad game! By the way, I went from beginning to end! (There are only five such games). But sob and build into a cult. For what! The creator is already an old stump with a belly like a ladybug . already really outlined his poison! Created a foolish Steam and just eats a strong beer for missing. There will be no third part! . Yes, and I do not need it for anyone! Like S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Duke Nukem and T.D . EVERYTHING HAS ITS TIME.

God right now the quest 2 costs a penny, especially on Avito, and you still suffer from the garbage xDDDDDD

I really do not want to buy a little thing for several thousand because of a couple of games, I sold PS4 so at one time.To. There were few games and excluses even less, and the games over time began to go out on a PC

We argue you never dressed a helmet in your life? otherwise it would not have.

Quest is soap soap, tin is simple, threw off without passing a single game.

the second is not particularly soap if you know how to twist the settings, and the third is generally candy

I’m talking about the second. The third MB is better but there is no desire after last experience.

BP glasses cost 25,000 rub on Avito, you can find it as it were for 20k, despite the fact that the mod comes out so that everything Unreal Engine 4 Games to be completely transferred to the Motion control, the smart will think about it, and the rest will be in the monitor to sit and that what will be in and that then try to make out and aiming the lol with the mouse

Yes, sit down your vision mole.

In general, you can already buy a whole helmet for 30-35 tons. (To. ). HP, Windows Mixed Reality, and glasses can be bought much cheaper for 1,500 – 3000 thousand. , Plus controllers " Joicons and "Kinect (for Xbox 360)" (can be bought separately, and new or almost new). Everything is separately connected to the computer and sets up using Driver4 VR, Steam VR, plus Wi-Fi adapter and plus still possible something else, everything is played, everything.

Oh yes, to stare then in the monitor is cool for the eyes

By the way, I have not seen any reviews anywhere, that someone Graza in BP was thrown, some kind of stupid fears

Do not forget that in the VR helmet we look at the screen through the lenses, we see the image of about a distance of one and a half meters, from the eyes, you are closer behind the monitor and smartphone and tighten your eyes more and more. This is a very big misconception that VR spoils vision.

Well, to look through the muddy distorting perception of the lens is useful for glazes, plus point blank look at the screen of the built -in phone with glasses. Mole.

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