Grand Theft Auto IV is 15 years old

In April 2023, Grand Theft Auto IV marks 15 years – a game developed by Rockstar North and published Rockstar Games was released on April 29, 2008 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Later, in December 2008, the game was released on a PC.

Grand Theft Auto IV is an adventure video game, the action of which takes place in a fictional version of New York called Liberty City. The game tells the story of Niko Bellik, an immigrant from Eastern Europe, who comes to America in search of a better life. During the game, Niko is drawn into the criminal world of the city and finds his way through the wars of competing gangs and corruption in law enforcement. The game has an impressive graphics and is one of the first video games using the Rage graphic engine (Rockstar Advanced Game Engine).

One of the most important aspects of the game is the freedom offered to players for the study of the open world of Liberty City. Players can go anywhere in the city and take part in additional events. In addition, the game has an exciting story that affects mature topics and explores deeper topics than games from the previous series. The history of Niko Bellik addressed issues such as immigration, corruption and organized crime, and players could take part in events such as prostitution and drug trafficking.

Grand Theft Auto IV was a revolutionary game at the time of its release and brought a number of innovations to the series. In addition to freedom to explore the open world of Liberty City, a shelter system appeared in the game, which allowed players to defend themselves from bullets and attack from a safe place. This system was later adopted by other video games and is now an ordinary element of adventure games.

Another innovative aspect of Grand Theft Auto IV was the way to create a world. Liberty City was designed as realistic as possible, and players could experience a wide range of actions such as the game in Bowling or Karaoke. Moreover, the characters from the game were created as plausible as possible, which added an additional level of realism.

Grand Theft Auto IV also introduced a multi -user mode that allowed players to play with other players from around the world. This mode allowed players to join the group of friends and to explore the city together, take part in races or go to war with other groups of players.

In addition, Grand Theft Auto IV had a series of additions and DLC, which added new missions and adventures to the game. The most important additions of the game were “missing and damned” and “ballad about gay Tony”, who brought new characters, locations and game mechanics to the world of Nika Bellik.

Grand Theft Auto IV was a revolutionary video game that influenced the game industry and became one of the most popular video games of all time. The 15th anniversary of its release is an occasion for celebration for GTA fans from around the world who continue to enjoy the adventures of Niko Bellik in Liberty City and with nostalgia to remember their impressions of the game.

As if only yesterday we rode under the wounds and for 15 years have passed. And there are no rowers, nor the previous GTA.But then Rockstar did not yet know that online in GTA could be finished as much as possible and released as many as two plot additions to the game in the form of separate games, it would seem 15 years to have passed and it should have only been better, but it turned out that it became only worse.

Which has become worse? GTA 4 in the ascents is not suitable for 5 parts and even more so RDR2! Che he got worse there

Yeah, 5 part with the fucked physics of cars and pedestrians (compared to 4), as well as clogging on the plot DLC for the sake of online – this is not at all "It got worse", Yeah. Keep in the know.

And on the contrary, this physics of the car in this GTA 4 infuriates me, and it is not possible to control the motorcycle is generally almost possible like in GTA Vice City, almost every time you crash and fall, but I agree about DLC.

your bottom 5 part

The cool part, as for me. Gloomy and hopeless.

Damn pigeons! Be cursed!

Flying rats, it seems like they were translated.

In those days, it was the best game.

For the PC version, even a separate video and the version was released. But the game worked well only on the four nuclear processor

Intel Core 2 Quad or minimum Pentium 4.

Cheap Intel Celeron

Why did you drop me trailers? I know this game, I spent more than a dozen hours in it, even managed to burn Vidyuhu on this game (GeForce 8800 GT), when I played with graphic modifications.
I just explained to a person that in the English version of the game (at least in the first versions of the game), the pigeons were called as "Flying rats". By the way, in ny pigeons are called – flying rats. Because pigeons are the peddles of the infection, and Ny itself is a very dirty city.

And not close. The fifth step ago to the sa-Bolottsa.

I like 5 more, after 5 I played at 4, this is such a trembling, I immediately deleted it

Not the best, just different.

Yes yes yes, but GTA 3 for you will seem to you at all a dummy. Although it is deservedly considered the best game from the GTA series.

I love this game)

15 years. tin. How quickly time flies.

I just in 2008 unlearned and immediately went to work for my first job. From several salaries, I somehow accumulated on a new pitch (Core 2 Duo E8500, 9800 GTX 512MB, 4GB RAM, 750GB HDD). I remember gathered him then in Sanraise, brought it home, put Windows and immediately installed GTA 4. Of course, I had to do perdolling with all sorts of config files there, but it was worth it. This was really non! I probably just rode around the city for 3 hours – I crashed into other cars, knocked people. There was a engine so high there!

Later already passed it. And then almost immediately again. And still went into it very often just to ride.

GTA5 did not give such emotions. Started at PS3 – quit. Then again on ps3 – again threw. Then the PC began the version and also quit. And only from the fourth time I was able to go through the plot.

I will not say that GTA 5 was boring, but for some reason I just did not want to play it, it was not interesting. Well, the deterioration in terms of engine and damage to the machines of course upset.

For me GTA 4 > GTA5.

You had 9800 GTX 512MB at the time of exit ? Damn, I took 8600 GT 256 MB, I remember it.

well, at least you had the patience to go through it, I could not force myself.

I still have not passed, it is nuclearly terribly sags in the middle

And at that time I collected a PC with two GTX 280

Gorgeous game for your time. One of the few ahead of his time. I remember how I first launched it on my old computer, which was then considered very good (two -core percent 2.7 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and NVIDIA GT 8300 building). Before that, as finally got the coveted disc with the game, with the thoughts “Well, when already, when?»Waited for 6 hours while it was installed. In 800×600 on the lowest settings by eye it was about 20 fps. But how did I get high from her! Physics in the game and Ragdoll seemed to then something incomparable and stunning. And other innovations caused indescribable delight, because the four became a completely different GTA, not the same as San Andreas or Vice City. Although in them, my friend and I chopped excitedly after school. What a cool time was.

And there are many shortcomings that continue to roam from playing the game from Rockstar. For example, disposable additional activity. Or the equally constructed plot, starting with GTA3, which impresses boredom as a result (well, admit, all this running from gang to the gang is already sick of it). At least in 5 parts this structure was slightly changed, and then not to the end.

But, in spite of everything, the GTA series is gorgeous. And not what allows you to travel around the city and crush passers -by. And a kind of harmony between references to famous blockbusters and pop culture and the elegant observation of this most modern culture. In each scene, in every dialogue, in each video on local TV. You find something everywhere, from which you want to laugh and cry. It’s scary for 6 part, because the main screenwriters of past parts left Rockstar, judging by the news. I hope she will be just as good. It will help players at least a little understand in which shitty world we live and try to make it better. happy Anniversary.

It will help players at least a little understand in which shitty world we live and try to make it better. happy Anniversary.

It is unlikely that the worldview of many has changed and more likely ordinary people will be enveloped than allowed to pour shit of corporations, cover all this with a summons and attach it with chocolate chips

15 years to play, and Auto IV is the same!And full of riddles.

I do not like the gray tonality most in 4k, especially after sunny VC and SA. And so the game is a masterpiece, like other parts of the series.

On the contrary, I loved it and rain often cut it.

In my opinion, the best of all parts.

And thanks to the four we learned that Kokstar is so poor indie studio that it cannot extend the rights to music for a whole radio station.

They also deleted the music from the previous parts.

But a fierce disgrace, as with a drunk with a complete tracklist Vladivostok FM from the original four, they had no such epic fel yet.

Then it remains to follow in the footsteps of Banji or the pierced ubsoft to remove "the plot content that has lost relevance" or select DLS, because a small beggar indie studio is not able to contain a couple of servaks for their maintenance.

I agree, but the mobile Liberty City Stories also changed half the tracks to Radio del Mundo, but they are not so bad, and some people like the mobile version of this radio station more than the original. And all the songs that were cut out and replaced in 2018 can be returned using this mod https: //

Flies during. GTA 3 and VC have already turned 20 years old, next year GTA SA will hit 20ka. GTA IV – 15 years old, and GTA V 10 years will hit in September. It was as if for the first time he played these games only yesterday, and for so many years it flew (and each part was 100% passed.

Vladivostok FM forever in our hearts!

Tin. As I remember yesterday I launched a pirate with a drunken camera. For more than one hour, just rode, crushing the pies, fucked up from the ragdol. Ah, as it used to be little necessary for amazement.

Oh, how time has passed quickly, 15 years pancake, it seems recently it was. I think who played the PC in 2008.09 remembers attempts to optimize the game, different configations, etc.) The game is certainly technological for its time, and it is now well preserved, has technologies and mechanics of modern games.
I should remember, somehow play again.

The fourth, as for me, the best game from the series is a grandiose tyrine of cars that has come out at the moment. Everything is almost perfect here – interesting characters, a famously twisted dramatic plot, interesting gamplei, pleasant graphics, radio with domestic performers, good physics.

Each part was good in its own time. Only the fifth – sucks. The sixth will be even worse (vanguy).

And the best jokes.

Masterpiece game. It is strange that she has not yet been released on Android, although a mobile phone or a tablet (who plays with what) would burn out in 5 minutes.

Began to play three times and threw in different places.

In addition to freedom to explore the open world of Liberty City, a shelter system appeared in the game, which allowed players to defend themselves from bullets and attack from a safe place. This system was later adopted by other video games and is now an ordinary element of adventure games.

Yeah. The shelter system in GTA4 (2008) was so revolutionary that it even affected old games and, as a result, Microsoft, having a time machine, could adopt it and shove it into the Gears of War two years earlier.

The author I understand everything, GTA 4 is really a high game and even for today I would say more than, but you don’t need to think out too much. The game is worthy of his own, why attribute some other?

3 years before GEARS of WAR, the shelter system appeared in Kill Switch (2003)

The author also writes that there was Bowling and Karaoke, Karaoke Karl!

Moreover) I just played the hires on x360, so I remembered them immediately as the closest example of inconsistencies)

Happy Birthday Legend!

Even after so many years, this part is played as well.As for comparison with the fifth part, then.. For me, both games are like a dilogy Hotline Miami.Each of the games has something that is not in the other, because of which I want to play one or the other, and therefore I cannot (and I do not want to) compare them.They are quite different, at least in terms of atmosphere.

By the way, I know one trick in a fourth that allows you to win in bowling more often: just before throwing a ball you need to take a couple of small steps to the left, however, this does not always work, but in most cases there will be a striking.At least I won the novel more than once: D

Lets Go Bowling.

GTA 4 Aquered part in the GTA series! damage to the car at the highest level is made and realistically car rides and much more and more! And DLC is good The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony!)

15 years later, now I play GTA 4

In GTA 4, he played more time than other GTA. The third and San Andres did not go from behind the graphone, and the five seemed to Downgrad compared to the four.
And how much time was killed in the fourth multiplayer, with Simple National Trainer, there were almost limitless possibilities

There was a time, and now, because of the stupid online GTA 6 years, we have been waiting for 10 years and there was not even an announcement

Yeah.. Time flies very swiftly. As if it were not so long ago. Yes, this game at one time made a splash: it really brought a lot of different innovations to the game world. You might even say that I was ahead of my time.

And it seems that everything was like yesterday. I remember, she only came out, some kind of pirate version, not yet complete, beta or what, I do not remember. I remember something else. As we and the guys who did not know each other, by car, drove one hard drive in different houses in the evening and installed GTA-4 version with the same shaking camera, but do not care, played. One had a powerful computer and the ability to pump out, the second portable disk, the third car, in order to carry it in the evening, and the fourth, I have a intermediary’s skill that united all in this campaign), have times, much better than the current.

It’s already funny like that, in 15 years only 2 parts of GTA, long -building

Happy holiday to you, all the best, ATP for my youth in the computer.the club where I killed my time playing GTA, and met my future friends👍😎

Thanks to the rock for such a project, although a normal plot appeared in this game and do not bring it, there is at least some variety

There was diversity in 4k? As far as I remember – almost all missions come to point A, kill a certain number of people, take something, go to point B.

The best and favorite part of the series.

Tin like time flies. I remember the recorded disc Xbox 360 at a friend

on the day of the release of GTA 4 360 boxing?

In GTA4, I like the gloomy atmosphere, which is more with a criminal action movie, but after the scale and capabilities of SA, the game is perceived as GTA3 with ragdollah, dynamic shadows and shader water.

And where is this PG Bot, which swims against the current and scores all normal games?

Gorgeous game and currently the last sane GTA.But still, I still insist that the game requires good polishing.Both technical and gameplay.

PS.If my memory serves me, this part is the first of all parts of the GTA who received officially licensing in UK.I remember running around the shopping center I was looking for an option in DVD Box with a card and a guide to Liberty City)

never passed it, at first there was a bad interest, and then it began to spit.

Yes, the toy is not the weak, I remember, I played it on Core2Duo, not on maximum shoes, but quite playable.

This is the legendary DLS game that are good good and Balad about Tony too!

I even liked Dopa more than the main game. Eh, that is the grief-scenarist who came up with so ridiculous to get rid of Klebitsa and his motorcycle club also needs to break the head.

The best part was the first … Generation of the exam is unlikely to remember

Then the third, if you know what you write of course) and remember its release on the PC and the first launch on your PC;)

I’m writing about the 1997 game. And here is the third – I can’t understand.

You write the best was the first. And I, that the breakthrough is the third, what have you had for a year? If the unit number itself began?

I write that the best was the first, not the third. About the fact that the third was a breakthrough I did not see in your answer and I do not think I am a breakthrough. After the first, I don’t like the rest.

Well, your aggressive opinion without facts, you can put it here 🙂

Yes, good Gravalya, recently passed

For me, the best part of the series, twice passed 100 % and opened all the achievements in Steam 🙂

It is a pity that after the failure of the GTA Trilogy, we are now unlikely to see a 4-ki remaster and the first RDR. For a long time I want to double -check 4 GTA.

The best game of the series.

For 15 years, mediocrity of Rockstar did not optimize her. You must bother yourself with a volcano and t.D.

In my opinion, she is quite optimized. I managed to play it on Core2Duo and GT210. It seems like something from ENB rolled even.

What was required of optimization? Moreover, a couple of years after the release of any calculator, this GTA4 on maximum shoes calmly launched.

I remember the day of the first purchase of a pirate disk, as if it were yesterday. Then there was another one, and yet, because of the new fashion cursors that I downloaded from the gambling, the installation broke, turning off the unpacking when hovering, then this same installation freezed. Everything thought that the problem was just with the discs themselves, but in no case that there was no SP 3, and there was a cut Nvidia GeForce 7300, which by default could no longer export such a non -export. I remember how Vidyakha was updated, I came to visit, and we waited all day while this shit was installed, and it was installed only when it was time to go home, and I played from the strength of 2 minutes 2. Then buying a new Vidyakha in a couple of years..Oh, what a fool I was, hoping that the problem was only in Vidaha, but I already managed to play with the roads that were not loading, ritting with the frizes of my cousin Roman (in the pirate he was a Catholic, and I caught a pair of lulz with the signs) under the incendiary) Track Ruslana. After a couple of years in my life, after active work in the summer, I prompting my computer, but as it turned out later, a couple of years ago. Games from the exit of GTA IV went evenly, but now the new ones at that time on medium and some creaks, but went. I downloaded a steep turnip with a rutor with a tablet from the raisor, and entered the game whole..God, it was fine..I am writing, and tears are welling. I went through it all. The game left a lot of impressions. After it, I began to be interested in conflicts in the Balkans, the collapse of Yugoslavia (and they also say that Igor-Glorokha!!eleven!!1. ), I remember even at school I prepared reports on this topic, and all thanks to a cool plot that revolves around the mental torment of Nico, based on the PTRS, describing the scenes of war from his words. On my not -strong spiritual way, at the very end of Pubertat, there was a difficult story of a man who wanted to find peace of mind, and even having committed revenge, he did not acquire either his or a new meaning of life, but secured this state of loss in the world where he could and could and The horizon for the protagonist began to appear, in an attempt to start a new life after cleansing the past, the loss of a person close to him. Even then, being in such a young and tender, according to adults, it was difficult to make a decision about the fate of Plaiboy and Dwayne, and how to correctly decide the fate of Darko Brevich, for the sake of revenge, our hero has done such a long way. Depending on the final credits, you feel devastated. 15 years have passed, a fifth part was released, news about the sixth, but the atmosphere of gloomy, faded because of the flower man, a city specially adjusted for the non-ethnic plot, and a very, very adult plot without any friction, where black humor with shares of local moronism pro "White bears and pope of the Roman, shaking in the forest", It has the form of black humor with such an incredible share of cynicism, the futility of being, where the graphic component at the time of exit, to this day, is innovative, and for modern games, also exemplary, to some extent, it can be said with confidence that The game has far determined its time, and for a dozen years it still has a handicap, to remain the best game in a series of great cars to steal.

Verdict: eleven Balabanov’s film adaptation of Balabanov about a brother from Serbia to America from 10

Dobro došao kuageri, niko

P.S. Thanks to everyone who reads, I tried

Retro game now

mm The time when I saw an article in the gambling magazine and was waiting for an exit to the PC . And when the Lightie was a big one with 3 disks, like, as well as problems Rockstar Club Ukhh

I am not a fan of this game, I started and threw it a couple of times, but I respect it immensely, this is a classic for all times, at one time a powerful impetus moving the play-industry forward. Respect to the game and its development, congratulations to Gamer fans!

Who has Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One can play in reverse compatibility in GTA 4. Just don’t wait for Ultra HD 4K 120 FPS there.

Free city under the free sky

This city where you are

I also do not understand, it was convenient for the Romans to use letters instead of numbers? And as a division and multiplication of a column, they decided?

And they did not solve, they built a Ukhuahuavakh empire

Why do you need to eat cabbage if there is a potato!?

Fucking not to get up!

And in a helicopter at the end, still in 30 FPS, you can only climb on a PC) I checked the other day

GTA V with the desired mods looks worthy. But it takes time and testing. But in scrap)) I went there on my backing, with my numbers))

As I remember yesterday, problems for pirates

like how the camera swayed when driving by car)

you launch the game and then the bang rushed and the performance was terrible

A bad crack was visible.

performance and now at the bottom)

Eh, time, well, where are you so rushing? It seems just a few years ago the release was.

I recently wanted to double -check the game. I put it with Steam, I launch it, and it throws me off the window that the unidentified iron is supposed to be, and your computer characteristics are not suitable for the minimum games of the game. And the toy throws to the desktop.
Maybe a fix that is under new modern iron? I think it’s about the map. Someone launched GTA 4 on RTX 40XX?
The last time I played on the map 3070, then all the norms were.

The last part where GTA has not yet turned the head of GTA, as a result of 6, part is not even announced yet.

Gameplay is not the best game of the series, but in terms of the plot and atmosphere – perhaps the best.

I could not until when this is the bottom of Gamdev, soapy textures, lags even on a powerful PC, gray and dull graphics. Even the lighting is sickening.

If powerful for 2000, then it is not surprising.

Yeah, very powerful for 2000

He played on the already museum i5-4200M in conjunction with the same museum 2GB video card. Both the main game and episodes went on high settings with a bang.

So as one character of the game witcher said, “You, as it were, mildly say, you call it”.

By the way, I don’t understand at all. The main PC I have GTX 1660 Game NIMERA NORTED NORMENT, FPS 20-40. Laptop with GT 720m – everything is fine. Can hold 30 fps stably without frizes.

One of the worst games of a series for lovers of cattle romance of the 90s and the beginning of zero.The disgusting physics of the car, which especially gifted calls realistic, poppy shit on the radio.
Crownge plot with annoying cousin.And of course the run -in, new at that time, the engine in front of the chic fifth part.
Just bury this garbage and don’t remember anymore.

I didn’t even throw it on the PG on this, in the gorgeous fifth part, the plot is also about the same bydlans, if so that lol

Duck already led) for the previous time, about 50 minuses cut down, I need to check, maybe more it will work out here.

No, in the fifth part there are no cattle at all) there is a nile that has grown up and acquired a family, there is an absolutely typical guy from the Black District, and there is a romantic nihilist-gentleman-psychopath, absolutely the best character in the history of games-Trevor. That is what GTA is beautiful, there is absolutely any Persian with his Fishechka.