For the shadouhart and the yard I shoot at point blank range! Baldur’s gate 3 added a firearm

Middle-fantasy weapons of near-battle always have their own charm, but apparently, the modding community was not satisfied with this and decided to add additional piquancy to Baldur’s Gate 3, creating a real arsenal of firearms.

One of the leaders in this area is Palmaman33, which created many mods for firearms, including a revolver, a Glock 19 pistol, an assault rifle and even RPG. These modifications are available for download for free directly from our site.

Pistols usually apply from 10 to 32 damage points and are classified as one -handed crossbows. The Kalashnikov assault rifle, in turn, refers to heavy crossbows and is produced in several versions depending on the rarity: from 6-17 units of damage in a standard rarity up to 12-126 units in the legendary.

Given that each of these mods is usually downloaded by thousands, it is obvious that there are many players interested in violating the traditions of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has become one of the most successful games last year, having received a standing ovation from both the public and from critics.

Well, it’s not that there is a completely cringe and nonsense – even if not AK, but the arquebuses in the game could well have been. If the events of the game take place in the local 1492, it turns out that gunpowder (according to Vicki Forgotten Realms) was invented more than 250 years ago, and for firearms for 150 years. Even if on Faerun they restrained and limited its distribution for some time – it is not clear why, after all, they did not limit more powerful and destructive magic – it should still come across at least some form. In the desktop rules, firearms exist and has long been used along with swords and magic. The game clearly shows that gunpowder is not so prohibitive rarity, even their terrorists have already appeared, using explosives against children. But there is no firearm. It is impossible to explain anything other than aesthetic/gameplay preferences of developers. But progress is inexorable. In the game, an explosion of high technologies has already happened: self-advanced security systems, cyborgs, submarines and prisons with ventilation and electricity, even some kind of video communication. If the larynx had not been so mediocre, but put them to do business, giving more inventive bonds under his leadership, the BG4 world could already be like Arcanum. And the world BG5 – to cyberpunk))

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For Laesel, Karllae, Shadouhart and the Yard – I shoot at point blank range! =) And then still a core from RPG! =)

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I immediately remembered some kind of weapon mod on Skyrim, there the weapon was generally delusional adapted

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Baldur’s Gate 3 has become one of the most successful games last year, having received a standing ovation from both the public and from critics.