Empress has begun hacking remake Resident Evil 4

Empress Khaker girl reported in her telegram channel that she finished with her personal projects and began hacking the remake of Resident Evil 4. According to her, the time has come to strain your intellect again and destroy another shitty denuvo. The girl did not call the exact time for hacking, but given the previous hacks, it will take from two weeks to a month.

Resident Evil 4 Remake – a complete reissue of the fourth part of the Resident Evil 4, made on a completely new engine. After a biological disaster in Raccun City, six years have passed. Agent Leon s. Kennedy, who survived those events, sent on a mission to save the kidnapped daughter of the president. In an attempt to find it, he finds himself in a secluded European village, where something wrong is happening with local residents. Pull the curtain with this exciting and terrible story about the bold hero and know life and death, horror and admiration.

Remake grandfather Space

Yeah, just like the rest.

Yes, nafig is needed. Stupidly the same game with a minimum change.

And the new part of the NFS is crying somewhere on the sidelines. Everyone forgot about her (

Why say if I didn’t play, I am now passing the ninth chapter and I will say that this is far from the same. Yes, and like resident 4 is also something new?

In my opinion, much better the original went out. The plot was filled normally. Many points where questions were made logical. The character was also much better prescribed. Yes, and Isaek spoke that it was also not a weak plus. Yes, and Ishimuru was processed well. Many corridors are generally made differently.

Well, this is great news for everyone, I think, and not just for lovers of freebies, Denuvo must be destroyed)

There will be a discount, then I will buy, I will not take it for 5K

Not a few people would be happy to purchase, but they are not going to bring money to companies that openly spit in the face.

And you pay for music? And for all films, TV shows? Even the Winrar is bought?

Kapkom freely sells the keys to the English region of Steam, but not in Steam itself, + brought full Russification and the game as a whole made excellent. Through PlayGround in the section Buy this can be safely minted.

There would be nothing, but only due to this protection productivity falls. And the point is to spend money on it, if there is not a game of the game, my computer is not the game, but this one is darkened. I am waiting for hacking very and news that Capcom removes protection after hacking))

Pirates are a problem of developments. I never understood why buyers should take it in the appendage *for their own money.

“Pirates – the problem of developments”? Che? That’s exactly the pirates and tell me thanks for the denuvo and everything else.

Oh, oh well, his performance falls. You will notice this only if your PC is the time of the mesozoic. Although, judging by what kind of excitement to the PG every time it causes the news about the hacking of a particular game, mostly the homeless beggars with such assemblies are sitting here.

Not pirates, but the greed of greedy producers and publishers.

Well, turn on the logic. Well, at least sometimes work your head. How many people from this news did not buy dead space? That the breeds received money from them? That one of the pirates rushed to look for money for the game? No, so Denuvo because of you, because you will buy. But a bunch of people will wait for hacking, it will not be good, it will not be, well, and hell with him. Where is the pirates’s fault.

Here I read comments on different news about hacking of various games and unofficial voice acting and surprised. Some write all sorts of nasty things about Empress, about the only person breaking the protection of games. others about the fact that the hacking is supposedly not needed because everyone who was interested in this game has already bought it. I’m in shock, people, what are you? What evidence do you have what do you write to the personality of Empress? And where did you get the idea that you have already bought and passed? You constantly write this about every hacked game, but as the number of downloads on torrents shows, there are a lot of people who are waiting for both the game hacks and their translation, they are waiting for more than one year. If you buy games and prefer the original language, then this does not mean that everyone is like you. Stop writing all this nonsense that you write. This is not personally hacking for you and voiced. Many people are grateful to Empress for hacking, and children as Gamesvoice, mechanics, VEK for voice acting, and people are ready to wait for their work and a year, and even more. For those who do not want to pay at all, no ruble and those who want to play with English voice acting and all this is done, if you do not need either hacking or voice acting, you don’t need to write about it, because everyone does not care about the fact that you bought the game and passed it, as well as the fact that you do not need English voice acting! Your comments are just flood.

This is the Internet. Here everyone hate everyone. In real my dear people. Do not take to heart))

No, no, in real life, too, stuffy nits, but they do not immediately scorch))

Great news has long wanted to go through it, but the price tag is unrealistic

150 rubles. offline activation.

Activation, this one who does not work now in Steam? well, they write now at least like that.

In our time, it is already easier to buy a cheap, enjoy the game and forget all the more of such suitable games now very little comes out.

I went through the game in Steam..Works.

Will cost adequate money..Probably buy for the collection..

Finally moved away from binge.

They released from Durka, they will soon take it off again

When she haches, she yells to the whole pad that God and TD, so they take her after each hack
And for what minuses. The fact that she has a shiza has long been known, here from the last attack

Well, break yourself) why whine?)

Translate to me, Iera is not clear.

And where is the whining? Or those just to say

Yes, and I do not download her hacks, so at all the fuck, but sometimes to reduce the norms from her

There is like she is lady and her modern is a slave, there is a whole role on this topic)

Well, in general, that all her slaves should be obedient, otherwise she will defend🤣

Then when DLS and Ada come out, everyone will wait for a new hacking empress.

No, if it breaks out that version that was before a recent patch, then with a 99% probability it will be possible to activate DLC in one very tricky way, and activated the DLC Shadows of Rose on the version that from Empress. Even before the deletion of Denuva.

It is gorgeous, every who wants to play this masterpiece, for me this is now the best rubber in the series, well, the profile is directly very pleased, Chelenga Lag and a small trolley, the original on the Profi was generally strained, and then the zombies are much closer and faster.

And now at least there will be a version on which all old mods will work.

You’re talking about what "Old" Fashion?

There are mods that no longer work after an update that added mercenaries, for example, this chic mod no longer works

Well, in the future, Capcom will also release a bunch of patches and not the fact that the authors of many other mods will be updated, again, even if someone updates it all, I need to pump it all again, I already know this perfectly from RE2.3 remakes, since there are old ones there repacks on which everything works fine.

I poured this mod on PG, on the Nexuse where I got it no longer (the Mod campaign was paid and deleted it because of the complaint), and that’s not the point, but that after some updates many mods may not work, Why do I need this hemorrhoid.

Finally, Ilita will play

Ilita has long bought offline activation for 100r on a well -known site and went through the game. You can not worry)