Diablo IV will receive plot content after launch, the 1st season is “almost ready”

While Diablo’s games have always received great support after launch, Diablo IV takes a step forward using the real -time full -time approach approach. We already know that Diablo IV will include regular seasonal updates, which will offer new quests, equipment, combat gaps, features of the gameplay, balance settings and much more, but in the new interview of the IGN Diablo General Diablo Rod Fergusson told a little more details.

Updates of past games Diablo, after the release, mainly concerned mechanical and game settings, but Diablo IV offers a large related world and pays more attention to knowledge and narrative, so players can expect a regular release of a new plot content after launching? According to Ferguson, the answer is positive, since the seasons offer new plot quests. Basically, it will be the content in the style of side quests – they will not add the main story of the game – but they will be quite substantial. Meanwhile, there will also be full -fledged additions that will complement the main plot of the game.

“As for the Diablo IV Viablo IV Viablo IV, we definitely want the story to be part of this. Diablo IV will have a richer context around each season, as well as the topic of the narrative that you work on and with which all things will be connected: cosmetics are connected with it, the mechanics will be associated with it. There will be a storyline that will not extend the campaign, but will be a story that occurs in the open world. But when we look at the future of additions, these are the possibilities with which we can continue to expand the game from the point of view of the plot, mechanics and peace. “.

Ferguson also said that the content of the first season “Almost already ready“And promises that the Diablo team has”Several development paths“Therefore, you can work on several seasons and updates at the same time. Nevertheless, work is ahead of the irony of fate means that certain settings and updates of the gameplay may not appear as fast as fans hope. Again, the first season is mainly completed, so the problems with the balance and other non -critical problems that the fans will undoubtedly find when starting Diablo IV can be resolved no earlier than in the second season.