Cooperative shooter Remnant 2 received a laudatory trailer

It is no secret that Remnant 2 is successful: over the first week after the release, more than one million copies were sold. Cooperative shooter continues to head weekly sales charts in Steam.

Is it worth it to be surprised that critics also love her? Check out the last trailer, which contains some of his commendable reviews.

Remnant 2 is already available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

The laudatory trailer-praised the undercurbson and lags probably

With Luta in general, I already played for 30 hours and did not find more than one clothes and weapons and weapons

Having played 20 hours. I will say so I’m not satisfied.

It’s not even about optimization.

The case is in the balance sheet – he was simply shifted aside hardcore.

The game should be pleasant (it’s nice to shoot, kill monsters, feel weapons and be a nagibator).

There is not enough in general – another level of complexity is easy. Since not everyone wants to engage in Kama -Sutri and fall out (get up).

For example, minus is cartridges !! There are not more accurately not – buy boxes of cartridges – when the scrap also falls. In general, hesitated with a balance sheet

Another reaction of the character, that is, I can’t quickly make a dodger, there is a delay between dodgers – when the enemies of this delay simply do not have .

I am not a lover of the Souls of the Games and not one went through, but the repair of 2 Isi play in solo even in medium complexity is easier even than 1 part so I do not succeed)) take a dog handler and you will be happy. Then you can change the class if you knock out or find an ITM for exchange for class (look on the Internet).

I passed it – she just did not give me pleasure, from passing. For example, I come at work for Pasha to relax, relax. This will not understand people who do not work (for example, schoolchildren).

Remnant 1 where the balance was. I went through it with pleasure

Yes, the same part is easier at times the first))) there are already there are almost immortality. For the first time, the bosses were dying of light difficulty in less than a minute (except for flippers) now from scratch at high difficulty archon.

Earth with fluff for the guys who are happy with the game

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