A team responsible for the level editor in Doom worked on shipbuilding at Starfield

Bethesda SoftWorks on her official website published a small interview with producer Jamie Mallory, who is currently finishing the development of Starfield with the rest of the team. In addition to her interesting history of career growth in the walls of the studio, she also shared some entertaining details of the production of the most anticipated game. As it turned out, former doom developers are responsible for ships in Starfield.

Mallory admitted that Starfield was her first project as producer. Before that, she managed to work in senior positions during the development of such games as doom, Quake Champions, Prey, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Doom Eternal and Doom VFR. She separately noted her own team of developers, which was with her all this time since the 2016 doom of 2016. It was they who were responsible for the shipbuilding system in Starfield. The team was able to realize many functions to set up and personalize the ship, thanks to the experience gained during the creation of the level of levels for the Doom shooter.

We had an amazing team with the developers who worked on incredible Snapmaps in Doom 2016, and we have a huge list of interesting functions that we look forward to discussing and, possibly, to implement in the future, but TSS, I cannot tell everything Details now.

– told Jamie Mallory.

Jamie Mallory also managed to work on other Starfield elements in her post. According to her, she was engaged in the study of the star map, terminals and missions for players.

As for the star map, we had to create a map that would become part of the exciting universe, with the help of which players could explore the cosmos and find where to go further in their adventures. The terminals added another level of depth to the game, usually giving players more information about the plot and the history of the area in which they are currently located.